Basic Diet – Part 1 – The Alkaline Diet And PH Level

A basic diet provides us with basic minerals and all nutrients and vital substances needed to keep our body in a healthy balance. It avoids all those acid and waste products which are build in our body with a normal diet. The acid-base balance will be harmonized and the body will be in a proper and healthy […]

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Springtime Is Detox Time – Stinging Nettle

Like every year in spring, I am going to do a detox. I learned this from my grandma, it was common in Europe in the past, as well.


After a long winter is good to detox and to start eating fresh greens. One of the best

herbs, easy and everywhere to find is the stinging nettle. It can […]

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The Benefits Of Meditation For Your Wellbeing Are Amazing

How can you experience the benefits of meditation?
The benefits of meditation have been known to humans forever because it was first practiced a number of millennia ago. In this article, we will look at some of them in detail and will outline the psychological in addition to the health benefits of this practice.

1. Reduces stress […]

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