Never Quit Blogging, See Why

The blogosphere is an arena where millions of bloggers share their experience with the world. But sharing can’t make anyone stay until there is a strong reason to write. Many people quit blogging.

Do you know why? You may have experienced that someone used to be very active in this blogosphere and suddenly, he/she was nowhere.

You didn’t see any comment, no social media activity, no new blog post, never contacted you again. It happens quite often.

There are many things which should be learned by the beginners who want to build their career in blogging. Ever since I started tasting the success in blogging, I never recommended anyone to give up so easily.

But it’s so hard to tell how many bloggers reach their goals. I have met many awesome people on my way and they still are striving to be successful.

What’re the Things You Should Know Before Starting Blogging

When I started my journey, I used to blog part-time because of my graduation. After graduating, I chose it to be my full-time career choice.

I am grateful for my decision. Today, people know me as a blogger who can solve every possible WordPress problem. Apart from that, social media marketing is my thing.

Let me mention some points you should dig.

#1. Blogging is Making Friends

Every now and then people talk about professional blogging how you can scale your business. Most of them are talking shit.

Never Quit Blogging,You can’t become a successful blogger until you connect with other bloggers. It’s all about making human relationships.

I wasn’t a social person in the starting days but once I realized that people are so supportive, I made many friends and Erika can tell you that.

I met Donna, Lisa, Brenda, Cori, Harleena, Nirmala, Ryan, and many other amazing people.

Once you get along with others, they help you promote your blog posts which will bring the traffic to your blog. It’s directly related to your success rate.

The more friends you have, the more you will get the traffic.

#2. Speaking Your Heart Out

If you have been writing for a while and you genuinely share something on your blog, you may have felt it at least once that nothing gives you more satisfaction then pouring your feeling into words.

A true writer knows what it takes to craft a worth reading article. Most of the bloggers start with a great passion but end up getting discouraged.

It’s all because they have never learned the best way to enjoy blogging. It’s a mesmerizing aura to have. I have been enjoying it for many years.

People ask me as if what’s the best way to keep blogging? Do I need to tell that? I hope you know it. Don’t you?

Well, a true blogger never asks what it takes to keep going. He/she has a goal in his/her mind which makes the magic work.

Do you have anything like that?

#3. Nothing is More Appealing than Online Branding

People are crazy about being known on the internet. That’s the reason millions of users are there on Instagram and many other social media websites.

Never Quit Blogging,Nothing can describe you better than words and that’s the reason blogging is the best you can have. I am not a photogenic person and never thought to be one.

I am good at writing and blogging is my passion. People say that I can make them fall in blogging again and again. Well, who knows the truth? I am just writing.

Do you ever think about being a blogging star? If you do then you should also know that people idealize when someone reaches such position.

Look at Syed Balki (the founder of WPBeginner).

There are many reputed bloggers who are changing this internet industry. Are you ready to do that?

Can You Quit Blogging After Investing So Much Time?

You may have also noticed that people like to start a WordPress blog when they read about blogging and how this field can change their lives.

But once they keep looking at the success graph, they get disappointed and at the final note, they quit blogging. That’s the common procedure people are having.

Blogging is a process, not a game to play. There is no time limitation, no fixed time to achieve your goal, no guarantee.

But if you have the patience and the strong willingness to maintain the consistency, you can definitely become a successful blogger. Do you have those qualities?

If not then never blame this blogosphere for not treating you well. Bloggers are changing the world and everyone knows this.

How many times you have thought to quit blogging? Share with everyone below.

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