Erika Mohssen-Beyk Hi, my name is  Erika Mohssen-Beyk

Welcome to my Blog!

I am German, Iranian, and now Canadian a Citizen of the World, 🙂

I am a certified Dream Builder Coach and believe we are capable of far more than we realize. My belief is that we all deserve to live a life we love living. And I believe in the spiritual side of success. The way I am coaching is with a proven  Success System to build Dreams.

Would you like to live a life you LOVE living?

Life Mastery Institude

I love nature and always explore the realms of natural healing and personal development.

This Blog is set up to share my knowledge and experiences about self-improvement, natural health, wellness, fitness, natural food and to help someone like you grow and prosper in life. I keep adding informative articles about these topics and some useful links to resources to help you to improve your life. Hopefully, you find it useful, thank you for visiting  🙂


My story in short

I was born in Germany, married an Iranian now I live in Canada.
I lived until 1980 in Iran; we experienced the Revolution with my husband and two kids. Two years after the Revolution, we decided to bring the kids to Germany because it was a similar situation as here now. Schools closed, and too many restrictions and rules, which we did not like for our kids. So I went to Germany to see what I can do. One week later, the war with Iraq started, and all borders were closed in Iran. So I could not get back. We had adventures to be together again, but this would fill a book.
Anyways we started life five times over in our life, three times from zero.
I did not feel home in Germany; too much had changed too long to tell here.
Later my son wanted to immigrate to Canada, and we joined.
We created the first off-grid organic farm in Ontario, or maybe even in Canada.
All called us crazy; we were ahead of time. We had animals, growing vegetables, fruits, and crops, and a B&B and interested guests from all over the world. My son started an organic movement. And I started an exercise group near there and have had it for 18 years.
I sold the farm to the next generation of organic farmers.

I love Change

Looking back, I realize that I never was scared; all was like an adventure for me. Challenges turn me on. I love change and am a gypsy.

Anyways, at this time, around seven years ago, I thought it is time to learn to go online to be able maybe to help the three Grandkids. As I knew, it is essential in the future. So I looked for a program to learn and found one that seemed right for me.
I even called the guy and talked to him and asked, is it for me? I have no clue. He assured me that I could make it. But finally, they did not deliver and quit earlier. But I had learned a lot.

The best is I learned to know my Indian friend, which opened a whole new world for me, and adventure. Also, I realized my dream to travel and live for six months in India in winter and summer here.

I came by joining groups where I got encouraged to write even though my English was poor. I have a blog, a vegan site, six pages, and websites. It had more, but recently it got decreased by Facebook, which unpublished for no reason two pages. One I had together with my friend, another two Facebook pages I merged to have less work. It was related.

I am a Farmer and want to plant seeds 

I have to say that I do not work merely to earn money; whatever I make, I give away to help others. It is more passion, hoping to educate a little bit, as I see we are too far from nature. If I promote something, it is because I feel it helps people. I like to plant seeds not only into the soil but also in minds.

I love nature and explored natural healing, spirituality, and personal development. My blog is about sharing my knowledge and experiences of self-improvement, natural health, wellness, fitness, natural food.
Flexibility is my strength, and I learned very early, always only to follow my heart and intuition, be me and look out for good. Because all has a reason.


In 2020 will be my 70th birthday, contrary to most people; I always looked forward to being older. And I am grateful to say that I have no ailment and did not visit a doctor for more than 40 years, do exercise, meditate, always grow at least part of my food, and do not eat packaged food or fast food.
That’s my story in short.

Let’s realize the dream and build a better future 🙂