We Are Born With Inherent Potential A Creative Genius

Everyone is born with an inherent genius potential
Recently I did the post of a young friend Rajat Poonia which made me think about 

the creative genius in us. The post is about “How to boost your Self-Confidence”


He is writing about an event he came across and which made him think. It was a little

Girl who was […]

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Successful Dreams – Do What You Love

The title of this post:”Successful Dreams are illustrations from the book
written by your soul”, is what Sazia Kazia did chose for her post it tells us
a bit about her feeling. Not everybody has successful dreams ,it needs work,
dedication, persistence and it needs to love what we do.

I want to introduce her here and we will learn […]

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Flow Like A River Towards Your Dream

“Flow like a river towards the dream “is the title today.
A River has to do with water and water is a great teacher in life .
Not everybody is aware of this ,but if we think about and pay attention
observe and be aware of it ,we can learn a lot.Water is life without water no life .

Water can […]

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Why You Better Don’t Make Quitting An Option – Never Give Up

Don’t make quitting an option and never give up
Let’s think today about why it is better you don’t make quitting an Option.

In the last post, Ikechi Awazie did write : What you shouldn’t do when you feel like Quitting.

Many people, especially young people are looking to find their passion , but

often if they found it and […]

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