A Thank You And Appreciation

Thank you and Appreciation
Our young poet Satyananda Sarangi wanted to thank and appreciate all readers for their encouragement and comments.

Satyananda created, especially for all of you a new poem.

He wants to say thanks for the encouragement.

We are grateful for all of you.

    A New World
My gaze upon the starlit sky,
to see a flash, […]

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Finding Truth: How to Navigate a World of Deception and Manipulation

Finding Truth in a World of Deception
By telling the truth, one becomes unpopular and rejected at times. I often experienced it because I am a truth-teller. Sometimes, it is as uncomfortable for some people as it is for the truth-teller. 

Lying or not telling the truth to avoid hurting someone or to hide a reality is […]

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Does your inner critic make you feel not Good Enough?

Do you have an inner critic, and do you listen to him?
Do you listen to your inner critic and feel that you are not “good enough”?

An inner critic is a bad companion. He is always ready to trick you into any complexes. When you fail, he whispers, “You see, I knew it; you are just […]

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How You Can Strengthen Your Superpower Intuition Through Meditation.

Strengthen your intuition through meditation.
You can train your intuition through meditation.
We often call Intuition gut feeling, but it is more than that.
Intuition is a process of perception or specific knowledge that happens without conscious thought. You can think of it as impulses that occur immediately and give a feeling of absolute certainty. However, this certainty […]

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Fear Is Increasing – How To Handle It

 How can you deal with the increasing fear?
Fear is increasing more and more these days, and many are in survival mode.

Many people suffer from the fear of viruses and their existence, especially since the time of lockdown and the Plandemic. The world is changing fast, and many feel it is becoming more challenging to keep […]

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