“Concerned about you” – A Covidiotin presents 10 arguments to a vaccinated friend

See > “How much do you really know?” – An unvaccinated writes to a lost girlfriend

To be honest, I would not write such a letter as I conspire only with like-minded people. And I do not mind if anybody calls me Covidiotin. It will not affect me as a human being.

This article is a very comprehensive […]

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Fearmongering – Who Is Behind it?

What makes people panic? Are you aware of this sinister game?
Who is behind the Corona fearmongering? For me, it is sometimes astounding to see people scared and believe everything that TV or mainstream media reports. Maybe it does not influence me because I never watch TV or read newspapers and only see people’s reactions?
For example, […]

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I love Conspiracy but not the Theory.

How do you perceive Conspiracy?
These days we hear the word Conspiracy often, and in families and circles of friends, people use it against each other as a judgment.
But do they even know what the meaning of the word Conspiracy is? Or is everybody only repeating the slogans politics and the media brings up?
Do we realize […]

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Why Attempting to Validate Your Fears Increases Your Fears

Did you ever attempt to validate your fears?
If you try to validate your fears instead of facing and releasing them you can get into a vicious circle that repeats itself the more you think about it.  Meditation can help you to cope with your fears. Read How To Benefit From Meditation Against Fear

Our friend Ryan […]

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What Inspires You to Trust Advice?

Trusting advice can be dangerous.
Do you always trust advice without questioning? Suppose you need advice on a critical decision. Who would you turn to?
How do you feel about advice?
Perceptual distortions influence people when they seek advice. They often even blindly follow recommendations from sources they actually know as little as they do themselves.
If you are […]

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