An Analogy of waking up someone asleep.

Waking up someone by shaking his arm or tossing ice water on him is not a way that makes one think and see; instead, it will make him angry or scared. Waking up the mind to start to think and see the illusion does not work this way. Doing it gently and loving works better, but does it make you think and see things differently?
In my opinion, some need to hit rock bottom to wake up their sleeping mind.  Very few things can scare you when you have hit rock bottom and survived.  Than is the right time to support with love, service, happiness

“Often, the gift of hitting rock bottom is that it persuades you to change and move forward.” ― Brittany Burgunder.

A guest post by our friend Ryan Biddulph, Let’s see what his view is and what he tells us in his Analogy.

Thank you, Ryan

1 Analogy for Waking Up Your Sleeping Mind


1 Analogy for Waking Up Your Sleeping Mind

Imagine sleeping soundly.

Picture yourself passing out to the point of being comatose.

An earthquake barely has an effect on you in such a deep slumber.

Visualize someone walking up to your bed, grabbing your arms, and shaking you wildly.

How would you feel?

You’d be pissed off!

Imagine someone tossing a pitcher of ice water on your face.

How would you feel?


Visualize someone brutally slapping you across the face.

How would you feel?


Shakers, ice water tossers, and violent slappers are gonna get punched!

At best, some choice swear words seem bandied about in such a scenario. At worst, expect a physical assault to ensue.

How do you gracefully wake a person in a seeming sleeping coma?

Gently, mildly tapping the individual with the deftest touch, patiently and persistently, peacefully wakes the individual.

The Analogy

The sleeping mind is identical to someone experiencing comatose, sound, deep, physical sleep. 

Jarring their world agitates the hell out of them, triggering rage, anger, and general agitation.

The individual goes right back to sleep after cursing you out or popping you in the arm. Being heavily asleep, that’s all the person wants: sleep! Trying to take that sleep away by force only makes them want to sleep more.

The situation becomes bad for them and bad for you as the guilty waking party.

The ego calls the forceful waking party “conspiracy theory nuts” and the sleeping party “most of humanity.” Most minds fight for government, political parties, worldly laws, and the insane-fear system in general because it loves mental sleep! Mental sleep feels safe, comfortable, and familiar, even if it also feels depressing, enraging, and enslaving.

Since the sleeping mind thinks upside-down, trying to wake them up aggressively is akin to taking away their safety, comfort, and familiarity, which is basically challenging their survival.

Not a good idea, folks. 

You and I have read the statement

“People need to wake up!”

….1000’s of times.

But people only wake up not through force but by gentleness.

People do not *need* to wake up. People wake up to love gently, organically, based on your intuitive guidance to lead open minds and their level of preparedness.

Wake a sleep mind through the deft touch of love.

Minds deeply mired in fear rest deeply. Tap the resting mind with love, gentleness, kindness, and peace.

Be patient in waking minds deeply mired in the illusion of fear; a few loving touches rarely does the trick. Nor should you force waking on your own timelines; the individual possesses free will for you to respect.

“Teach only love for that is what you are.” – A Course in Miracles, 6:3:2

Gradually, simply being nice, helping people, and extending love – no matter how asleep someone appears to be in fear – slowly but surely wakes up those minds deep asleep. By your loving example, the individuals learn how to teach love, too.

What About Conspiracy Theories?

Obviously, to anyone who thinks deeply, it is no secret that the world was made in hate.

Observe raging politicians, government laws designed only to punish with fear, and the general debt-slave system built on mass poverty consciousness.

When babies enter this world, do they show up smiling like the Buddha, as serene as a still pond, and as happy as a puppy chasing its own tail?


Babies enter this world screaming and crying.

Does that mean that a baby-mind enters the world in a state of love, peace, and bliss or fear, inner chaos, and anxiety?

This world is not what the sleeping mind believes it to be.

But you do not wake the sleeping mind with anything other than gentle love and serene, divine logic.

Genuinely, your mind needs to be deeply asleep to believe that these worldly concepts are love, abundance, peace, joy, and happiness.

Conspiracy theories can serve as a jumping point to slowly wake a sleeping mind. In one moment, the government seems like a loving friend who deeply cares about your well-being. In the next moment, if you do not follow its laws, you run the risk of being punished with fear. Love never asks, never controls, never manipulates, and never punishes. It only gives. Everything, not love, is fear. Fear is an illusion that appears to be very real, very true. But it is an illusion, and yes, the ego used this fear to make the world in hate.

Anyway, going too far down the path of conspiracy theories pulls you deeper into fear, farther away from love, and actually collaborates with the seeming puppet masters to keep these illusory situations going because we are all one in the quantum field.

In an odd way, obsessing over conspiracies keeps the sleeping mind intact because as long as you are afraid of a conspiracy that appears to be going on it keeps your mind a bit asleep with fear and also appears to give the illusory puppet masters fear to keep doing what they’re doing, too.

Change your mind about the world

Besides; once you train your mind to see that fear is an illusion, the only thing to do is to change your mind about the world and its many conspiracies. Changing the world is impossible because the world is an impossible situation created by the ego. One dictator gets replaced by another dictator. Another dictator gets replaced by someone democratically elected who uses fear to punish via the law of the land. 

Do you see what I mean?

You will never get an answer in this world.

Waking up your mind is the only liberation because waking the sleeping mind lets you see through the illusion of the world and its fear to see only love.

Waking up your mind reveals how to gently wake up deep-sleeping minds with love, service, happiness, and through your joyful example. 

1 Analogy for Waking Up Your Sleeping Mind


Stop trying to wake people up because this desire reflects your fear and partially sleeping mind back to you.

Everything is your lesson.

Wake up your mind to forgive the fears worrying about the mass manipulation of minds.

Respect the free will of all. Let them be. They have lessons to learn in their own time.

Gently wake minds simply by being loving, caring, and helpful. 

Your love will gradually, patiently, and gently wake them from their nightmarish mental slumber.

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