Whatever We Set Our Mind To, We Sure Can Achieve

Is it possible to achieve whatever you want?
Yes, you can achieve whatever you want.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”― Paulo Coelho.

We all have dreams and want to achieve goals in life. And our goals are usually linked to specific actions.

Setting goals in life is undoubtedly an […]

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Let Go of Perfect: Love Your Unique Imperfections

Let’s explore the nature of Perfect Imperfection.
Why do people want to be perfect and imperfection scares them? Many people do not start with work because they want to make everything perfect. They blame their perfectionism for procrastination.

These people often overthink and do not start something before it seems all in line as if they couldn’t […]

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Are you suffering, or are you living?

To live is to suffer?
Why are many people suffering? Every person has inner personality parts that serve survival and protection. They are protecting us from overwhelming feelings. They arise automatically and usually unnoticed in overwhelming, traumatic situations.

However, these parts often carry negative beliefs, like, “You have to be perfect!” or “You can’t do it!” So […]

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The Slogan Don’t Procrastinate – Has Procrastination Benefits?

Is Procrastination just a slogan? Or has Procrastination benefits?
Is Procrastination a problem for you?
Procrastination plagues many people in our society. There are many reasons for Procrastination. The reason may be that the task is difficult, not enjoyable, or causes you anxiety. It can often happen that you are unsure and don’t know what to do […]

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Persistence – A Poem About A Water Spring And Rock

The story of the little water spring and a rock
Here, I want to talk about the interpretation of another poem from the Iranian poet Mohammad-Taqi Bahar called “King of the Poets.” it is a powerful story about persistence.
I learned it at the same time as the Toil and Treasure, but I forgot the words of the […]

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