Are these enlightening lines supposed to wake up the mind?

How can we wake up the mind?  Are we living in an illusion?

In this guest post, our friend Ryan Biddulph reflects on Shakespeare’s three enlightening lines that are supposed to wake up humanity from an illusion.

It reminds me of Maya in the Indian philosophy, which also says that God sacrifices to become the world, which becomes God again. The world is the stage of the divine play – Leela. In this play, the magic and creative power is Maya, according to Rig Veda.

We are in this magical play and confuse the myriad forms of the divine Leela with reality. Maya is the originator of the ego, which creates delusion. We think we are separate from the Divine and all that is. We can only escape this spell if we find our true Self with the support of intuition and God.

Maya is Time, the illusion of the ego, the stuff of individual existence, the dream that separates us from a true perception of the whole. – Peter Matthiessen

Life is Leela (celebration); enjoy it to the fullest! Make the best of every situation that you find yourself in – flow with the tide.- Ishita Sharma

Let us see what Ryan’s insights and thoughts about the three lines, illusion and waking up the mind are

Thank you, Ryan

3 Enligthening Lines from a Genius Writer

William H. Shakespeare is largely regarded as the greatest English language writer in human history.

Most everyone knows of his plays.

People associate his name with iambic pentameter, Romeo and Juliet, and the saying: “I’m no Shakespeare,” when one professes to being a poor writer.

But did you know that Old Willy wrote 3 entertaining lines that put you on the fast track to enlightenment?

Perhaps the journey may be a bit slower for most of us, but the genius playwright pointed you in the proper direction by writing these three famous lines:

“Much Ado About Nothing.”

“Life is a tale told by an idiot.”

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”

One serves as a title for one of his comedies.

The other is a quote from his timeless classic “Macbeth.”

The other comes from “The Tempest.”

All sum up the illusory nature of the world.

The world appears to be real. The world seems to be real. But you are dreaming it by listening to the voice of the ego and trusting its guidance versus being guided by your intuition, Holy Spirit, Jesus, or whatever word symbol resonates with you.

You can either be a host to God or a hostage to your ego. It’s your call. Wayne Dyer

More importantly, as you train your mind to see below the illusions of world, time, space and form you slowly wake up the sleeping mind to see reality: Love, One-ness, wholeness, and eternity.

All these seeming bodies are brothers in spirit. We are One abstract idea in the Mind of God..

Much Ado About Nothing

The world really IS much ado about nothing.

Most egoically believe that the world is important. Some think that the world is a big deal.

Observe the news. Pay attention to the government. Check out finances. Look at the state of most families. Rewind your mind to realize how you made the world much ado in the past and where it brought you.

The world is an illusion dreamed by a sleeping mind.

Ascended masters reminded us of this truth for centuries. Jesus explained how the Kingdom of Heaven was within (The Christ Mind). He also guided humanity to be of great cheer because he has overcome the world (He did not buy into the illusion of the crafty ego voice!). The Bible talks of false idols and God not being a respecter of persons (God is Spirit; false idols are the images we worship in the world, which are obviously NOT abstract spirits but forms. God knows only spirit and does not even know about people; He knows you only as The Christ Mind, being His Son).

At first, these ideas sound radical. But think about how people-bodies suffer and die. Consider how attaching to people-bodies creates grief, guilt, and depression. Eternal Love does not create these alien states of mind; the ego does. God loves it when ascended masters wake up because these seers guide other minds to wake up, causing a steady chain reaction to when we all eventually wake up. He is always waiting with opened arms and a loving embrace, as Jesus brilliantly explained in the parable of the prodigal son.

Tying Jesus’ wisdom together along with interpretations of Scripture, one slowly realizes that Heaven is in the awakened mind knowing that the world is an illusion or dreamed by the ego. Why would you make a big deal about a dream? It is only a dream, right?

Life is much ado about nothing. It is not real if it is dreamed because a dream is not real.


Life is a tale told by an idiot.

Unfortunately, you and I became carefully programmed by the illusory ego to think, feel and act like an idiot.

Movies like “The Matrix,” “1984” and “They Live” explain how a few clever, illusory minds ruled by the ego take complete advantage of equally sleeping, idiot minds that tell a sad tale of fear, separation, scarcity and *ripe for the picking* manipulation.

Today, as I sat by the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey, my wife and I discussed how circling the globe is a fun, freeing life most desire but fear to pursue for many odd reasons backed by bizarre choices.

I have observed depressed, scared minds expressing a desire for travel who anxiously wonder how their snail mail will be checked if they ever become digital nomads. Literally, even though it appears to be idiotic, some continue to live depressed, unhappy lives instead of enjoying the fun and freedom of circling the globe for the fear of not being able to check their mail regularly. I genuinely wish I was making this up, guys; I am not. Never mind the fact that for $20 a month, a mail forwarding service will check and scan your mail for you.

wake up the mind

An idiotic tale

The world, this life in fear, time in space, is an idiotic tale where someone sacrifices their freedom, fun, joy, and love for the comfort of checking their snail mail daily. Perhaps you are depressed out of your mind, but at least you will be able to throw your circulars in the trash right away, eh?

Of course, the trips, the travels, and the land and sea are all dreams. But the Holy Spirit wants you to think of these illusory dreams as symbols He can use to wake you up. It’s OK to have fun with the symbols; just try not to make ’em real, as you train your mind.

Face your fears. Stop listening to the idiotic tales manifest as the voice of the sinister ego in your mind. 

Listen to your intuition, or The Holy Spirit, or Jesus, or whatever symbol representing the go-between for you and the Abstract, Eternal Love of God. God made you eternal spirit in reality. He did not make you an idiot ego that tells tales of fear, loss, and general insanity.

We are such stuff as dreams are made on and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

Even science hopped on the enlightenment train courtesy of quantum physics.

Quantum physicists theorize that there is nothing out there and that you are dreaming everything.

Your perception creates the universe. The moment you shift your mind and focus to one direction you create that image. What you no longer note ceases to exist.

Yikes; I bet ya that your parents did not explain “that” one over the dinner table during your childhood.

You are dreaming everything. The little, egoic, piddly life most of us seem conditioned to dream is rounded with a sleep since the ego is the sleeping mind, riddled with littleness, insanity and a general death wish.

Remember; there is nothing out there. You dream everything.

Why would you dream images of death, form, separation and everything BUT the reality of eternal spirit? Why do you ignore the reality of abstract to focus on the illusory world of form?

Your mind is asleep.

It’s time to wake it up into fun, joy, and one Spirit or one mind.

Wake Up the Mind

Meditating on each quote gives you pointers for waking a sleeping mind.

Research quantum physics.

Research A Course in Miracles; this mind-training manual perfectly explains why the illusory, dream-nature of the world needs to be forgiven to wake up your mind in order to understand that you are eternal mind in the Mind of God.

Reading these words may make you wonder if I just got off of the Nut Job Mobile from Mars. The sleeping mind rejects reality to scramble back to the insane slaughterhouse known as the world.

Does that sound dramatic? Everything in form dies. Everything in form self-destructs from within because you dream death. Once again, as a gentle reminder: there is nothing out there. There is no one out there. You are dreaming it all.

The world appears to be solid, tangible and quite dense but in part, that is because your mind appears to be solid, tangible and quite asleep with unconscious guilt created by the ego. The ego believes that you split from God; note how it NEVER thinks about spirit or the abstract. The ego obsesses on form. Government. Money. Bodies. Worldly laws. The last thing it wants you thinking with your intuition is about spirit, fun, and love because that means a march to death for the insane ego.

You likely believe that your mind is some thing sitting in the body’s head but it is everywhere. The world is inside of your mind because….once again….there is nothing out there.

This stuff is heady, guys.

Do your best not to run away from a post like this; that’s the ego inviting you right back into the loony bin known as the world, courtesy of planet earth.


I am a mind training newbie, guys.

I suggest doing a deep dive into A Course in Miracles because The Master who escaped this world offers you a practical guide for following His guidance.

Whatever you decide to do, think about these quotes for 5-10 minutes now after reading this post as a practical exercise. Once you open up to them, you will begin to see that he was certainly not an idiot but a conduit for Spirit as well…just like you will be one day, as will all of us.

Happy waking!

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