Do twists and turns on your life path hold you back?

Every twist and turn on your path in life can be a challenging obstacle. Hence, you should honor these challenging twists and turns because they make you grow and able to reach your life’s destiny.
Interestingly, only if you are content with your life can you honor every twist and turn of your path, but you must master them to become content.
If your mind is full of fear and guilt, you will get stuck and never reach a pleasant life. Only if you train your mind, face fear, let go of guilt, and realize your power over them can you recognize your infinite possibilities and create the life you want.

Be grateful for the journey of life, with all the twists and turns on your path, detours, and diversions. We often learn more from the rocky road than from the smooth path.

In this guest post, our friend Ryan Biddulph shares with us insights and experiences about his blogging and life journey. Let’s see how he mastered the twists and turns on his path.

Thank you, Ryan

Twist and Turn on Your Path

Do You Honor Every Twist and Turn on Your Path

My blogging career took off the moment I created Blogging From Paradise in July 2014.

Everything came together brilliantly in mind and manifestation.

I experienced a surge of worldly blogging success for a time.

After the surge, things quieted down for a while.


My life path needed everything to slow down blogging-wise.

Slow blogging growth drew me inwards. I focused a bit more on mind training during those days. I also faced deep fears long suppressed, critical for my mental growth and overall peace of mind.

Your life cannot be the picture of serenity with a tempest boiling within.

Of course, one part of my mind fought slow blogging growth in a world of more, more and more. Not increasing blogging traffic and income year over year triggered deep fears in my mind. I felt lost, unhappy, rejected, and fraudulent because everything did not grow exponentially for me, blogging-wise, on a worldly level.

However, deep down, I felt that slower blogging growth nudged me toward what I needed to do at the time for me and you. I needed to face, express and forgive fears to be truly helpful for everyone.

Deep Fears Exposed

Versus distracting myself with blogging work to grow traffic and income, I experienced a series of events exposing deep, palpable fears in my mind. 

During the dark days, I faced fears in my mind related to childhood abuse and molestation. I had to observe what popped up in my unconscious mind as I watched my mother suffer from a barbaric worldly dis-ease. I also had to help them surrender as my mother-in-law suffered greatly from another dis-ease.

Face, feeling, and releasing these fears – especially guilt – freed me to proceed from a less guilty frame of mind.

I finally began to realize that both experiences reflected to me what I believed in my mind versus being caught up, paralyzed, or enraged with outside-in living, a common stumbling block in the world.

Could I have achieved this purer state of mind being distracted with 15-hour blogging work days to keep making MORE money or to lay a rock-solid blogging foundation for consistent monetizing?


I was not exactly raking in serious bucks as an energetic dynamo when my mom was punching me in the head and spitting on me from her dementia or when my mother-in-law was on a breathing machine for 1 month straight at the end of her life.

I had to go into my mind to forgive thought nightmares and to see my belief system, or else like the world; I’d have been caught in the shadow of blame, victim mentality, and general insanity. I rode that highway to hell for nearly 4 decades, letting go worldly success for a few years in order to wake up my mind; a bit sounded like a square deal to me.

Perfect place. Perfect time.

Each seeming twist and turn was where I needed to be in a way that only perfection knows.

Looking back, in the illusion of the ego, I appeared to fritter away precious years of my 15-year blogging career, making stupid mistakes, pulling back from what began to work in impatience and panic, and struggling when I did not need to struggle.

In the reality of Spirit, I allowed some of my unconscious shadow to surface during particularly intense episodes for me to offer this perspective to you.

Returning to Square One 15 Years in

I decided to write this post because earlier today, I appeared to return to square one with my blogging campaign.

And I decided to do exactly what brought me worldly success slowly but surely 15 years ago at the beginning of my blogging career and when I founded Blogging From Paradise 9 years ago.

I moved away from that strategy because I chose to shadow box versus stepping into my pulsating fears. 

Did I waste most of my blogging career?


I learned more about my mind, my experience, and the world than I ever could have dreamed of solely because I am slowly but surely piecing together an array of perfect moments. During various lean years, I trained my mind to face animalistic fears. I also deeply appreciated circling the globe when I did not obsess over doing blogging work.

During stretches where I panicked and bailed on proven blogging strategies, I saw perfection: I developed my writing skills, became comfortable with being uncomfortable, and also eventually learned how I was doing it all to myself.

A belief system is nothing more than a thought you’ve thought over and over again.— Wayne W. Dyer.

Doing it to Self

Unless I had perfectly struggled mightily, I never would have realized that my alleged nightmares were my belief system being reflected back to me.

Before struggling severely, my mind slept. I had not rattled its cage yet to wake it up a wee bit. And I blamed the government, laws, politicians, and any easy target for my problems like the world loves to do. I needed to dig deep enough into my mind to eventually realize that the world is an illusion, how we are one mind, and how that one mind acts out what you believe through your life experience.

Thank God I struggled horribly with various aspects of blogging for years. Otherwise, I would still blame Google, Facebook, or some outside source for my beliefs. I had to see the perfection in the failure after expressing my fears in order to piece it all together.

Honor Your Path

Whatever your path now, honor every twist and turn.

Train your mind to see what you learn and unlearn by going through whatever happens for you right now.

The lesson is not in form but in the mind.

For example, I had to face shame, embarrassment, and a sense of being a fraud in my mind to live fairly transparently. Most minds weighed down by guilt, grief, and depression beam only the happy-looking updates on Facebook because burying private thoughts and people pleasing are organic side effects of pushing deep fears even deeper into awareness.

Eventually, they have to pay the piper, too, because you cannot get over what’s still in you. Fear finds an outlet.

When you hit a rock bottom that literally strips away almost everything in everyone, you discover that it was all in your mind. From there, you can share most thoughts and feelings with anyone sans fear of criticism.

Respect where you are right now.

You’re learning perfect lessons because this is where you need to be.

You’ll see.

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