Strengthen your intuition through meditation.

You can train your intuition through meditation.

We often call Intuition gut feeling, but it is more than that.

Intuition is a process of perception or specific knowledge that happens without conscious thought. You can think of it as impulses that occur immediately and give a feeling of absolute certainty. However, this certainty is often difficult to justify. It just is and feels right.

intuition through meditation.

Many people say they have no such impulses. But only if we listen can we hear.

Of course, it becomes difficult to recognize these feelings when there is drama and chaos around us.
The biggest enemy of intuition is stress. Stress puts you in a miserable physical and mental state. The danger is that most people no longer notice stress because it has become a permanent condition.
They can’t hear the inner voice because they no longer have the mental capacity.

We must be present, mindful, rooted, and connected in the moment. Only then there is a chance to receive something. All practices that promote mindfulness are beautiful exercises for this. Yoga or meditation trains the ability to feel and perceive your intuition.

Sometimes it seems unclear what intuition wants to tell you. You can train to go into inner dialogues to get a feeling for it and interpret the impulses more clearly over time.

 intuition through meditation.

Train your intuition through meditation.

Meditation or Yoga Nidra is a fantastic way to get closer to your intuition. You dive into your inner world. Free yourself from everything that happens outside, all expectations you have to fulfill, and everything you think you are. Be just there, observe, feel, and connect with yourself. 

You can use this wonderful state to ask questions and listen to your intuition. In this state, you can receive answers directly without thinking about it further. That response can be a feeling, your heart speaking to you. When you relax and feel good, you come into contact with your intuition almost automatically.

Intuition is soul guidance, appearing naturally in man during those instants when his mind is calm.— Paramahansa Yogananda.

Learn the language of your intuition. It speaks to everyone differently: Do images sometimes appear spontaneously in your mind? Do you sometimes hear an inner voice talking to you? Or do you feel unusual body sensations? Does a particular thought give you goosebumps or make you tingle?
Be mindful and notice all the little signs; don’t miss the gentle hints of the soul.
Be sure the answer is the right one because that answer comes from your intuition.
The first impulse is usually the right one. Unfortunately, the head, our mind, reacts and makes us doubt again within seconds. We are on the right path if we perceive and hold on to the first spark.

Reconnecting with your innermost wisdom also helps you remember that we are all part of nature.

Be aware of synchronicities.

Do you remember when you’ve been thinking about someone you haven’t seen for months, and suddenly the phone rings, and that person is on the other end of the line? Or you had a bad dream while thinking about a friend, and you get a call the following day and find out that your friend is ill?
Many coincidences and synchronicities have happened in my life. Whenever I was interested in a specific subject, suddenly I found a book about it or met somebody who knew about it and could explain and talk about it, for example.
It does not always happen right away; the answers will come when the time is right for you to know more.
You may read “Der Alchemist “von Paul Coelho, a beautiful story about reading the signs and following your heart.

Ask your heart

If you are looking for an answer to a question, ask your heart! Ask yourself the question and try to hear the first quiet answer that comes from inside you.  Because it comes straight from your heart and not from your mind, it is the call of your soul and not the demanding voice of your expectations.

This simple technique alone could change the world if people learned to use it.

intuition through meditation.

Trust your intuition

After receiving a message from your intuition, it is important not to question it but to act immediately. Because once your mind gets involved, you will find a thousand good reasons for or against something, and you will end up confused instead of clear.
Train yourself to act spontaneously, trust your impulses, and implement them. It requires a certain amount of mindfulness to distinguish between notions from your intuition and uncontrolled impulsive behavior.

The more you act spontaneously and have positive experiences, the more you gain trust in your inner voice. Unfortunately, most people have forgotten how to listen to their inner voice. They learned to use only the head and avoid speaking and acting from the heart.

“Intuition literally means learning from within. Most of us were not taught how to use this sense, but all of us know well that ‘gut’ feeling. Learn to trust your inner feeling, and it will become stronger. Avoid going against your better judgment or getting talked into things that just don’t feel right.” – Doe Zantamata.

Why follow intuition?

Making decisions quickly and confidently is a crucial benefit of intuitive knowledge. Whether in business or a private decision.

Intuition also brings us advantages on a personal level. It is a form of empathy that enables us to assess situations and people intuitively. Perhaps you have already experienced distrusting someone for no apparent reason, or, on the contrary, you met someone and had the feeling that you had met before.

Even regarding our health, intuition can help. The body can constantly regenerate itself if we consciously listen to and act with it instead of against it.

When we connect with intuition, the body automatically knows what it needs and can even tell us from the gut what food is beneficial right now.
In this way, he reaches a state of health and absolute well-being.

You can feel if your body needs rest or action, then all movements are Yoga. Yoga is not a sport, it is when the mind moves your body, and you support it with your breathing. Every movement that your body wants to make intuitively is a yoga asana.

intuition through meditation.

Your intuition always wants the best for you and wants to work with you to create your life in harmony with your truth. Your intuition is your most profound divine intelligence; you can harness this gift in many ways. It is a superpower that makes your life fulfilled, healthy and happy.

Intuition is becoming more important.

In my life, Intuition is an essential compass. Over time I learned to follow my inner guide, which never failed me.
And Intuition is becoming increasingly important. Because in times of uncertainty and crisis, focusing more on human impulses and instincts is a helpful strategy.

Also, in the face of digitization, fake news, and contradicting information, Intuition is a reliable source, with the help of which we do not lose the sense of truth.
Intuition is essential for creative-spiritual activities and a beneficial tool in addition to the mind to find one’s way in an increasingly complex world.

Everyone can be intuitive and follow their heart. 
Just try it. It may be crucial for your future.

Do you follow your intuition?

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