If you are in sync with time, you need no time management

In my opinion, the term “time management” is nonsense and misleading because you can not manage time; it always runs in the same cycle, and you can only manage your activities. Regardless of what we do with it, every day has 24 hours for each person, whether we control it or not. The moon and the sun are going set without our management

time management is nonsense

In the past, people lived in sync with time

In the past, people still had a feeling for the right time. They did many of the activities at a particular time. They knew when to put seeds in the ground and even the right kind of seeds. It works; I experienced it.

Also, traveling had to be in time to have a safe journey. Did you know that if you cut a tree on a particular day, the wood will not burn? People in the past knew about and used it for building houses, for example.

The whole life was in sync with the natural cycles of the universe. And it works miraculously like all in nature. Many discover it again these days and use this ancient wisdom. Especially farmers, gardeners, and people interested in natural health.

In India, for example, the Panchang calendar is still in use, and in China and other countries, especially in Europe, many people want to keep the knowledge alive as well. In India, people look for the right time to start something; it is called Muhurtha. It is astounding how precisely this all works without time management. If you are interested, here is more information, and you can discover more > The Power of Timing, a guide to living in Blissful Harmony with Natural and Lunar Rhythms.

Watch about Brahma Muhurtam:

Slogan of the busy world

In the busy world today, we hear the slogan ” time management ” more than ever. No wonder, because the distractions in private and everyday work are becoming more and more due to digitization. Reply to new emails, scan the latest tweets and posts, and leave a like. People act more compulsively.

We all know from our experience that a day can pass quickly. People who are creative and love what they do forget the time. Why not? If it is getting late, you can have a “Catnap” the next day. But if a to-do list rules your day, it is even not a bit worked off. On the contrary, usually, more tasks are added. The quality of some work suffers, and you are getting demotivated and stressed.

I never had to-do -lists; in my opinion, this also came with the term “time management.” But my tasks got done anyway.
Do not let a to-do -list dictate your life. The word alone can kill creativity. Especially for example, writers, bloggers, or artists need to be able to follow their intuition. Thinking of these lists can keep you from unleashing your creativity.

The goal is to use the time given to do the important things first and push the less critical issues back a little. With proper self-management, people can be on time and learn how to schedule activities better in their lives.

There is no such thing as time management; it is more of priority management. Instead of trying to manage time, if it is very clear to you what your priorities are and how significant a particular aspect of life is to you, then time will arrange itself. – Sadhguru

Here are tips for better being on time and introducing you to methods that can help you with the implementation. It will help you achieve your goals and tasks more efficiently.

Start the day in balance.

Most successful people begin the day with meditation and exercise to be grounded and in balance. It is also a time to visualize and rehearse activities of the day. It will help you to focus and be more productive. Robin Sharma’s new book “The 5 AM Club” may interest you.

Set the right priorities.

To set the right priorities is sometimes tricky? Do not worry; you’re not alone with this challenge. When prioritizing your tasks, you must always keep in mind which one you need to do most urgently. A good piece of advice Brian Tracy gave in his Book: “Eat that Frog.” The title Idea came from the quote of Mark Twain: “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

Accomplish these critical tasks first. All other items on your to-do list will be done later. It keeps you from procrastinating. Bringing the things behind you that get you out of your comfort zone can be motivating.

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” – Mark Twain.

Make multiple small tasks from big ones.

Sometimes, it is confusing if you have a large amount of tasks ahead. It does demotivate before you even start, and you procrastinate. Think about how you can divide the amount of work into single ones, take small steps, and then gradually work them off. You will see that the whole project does not seem so impossible anymore.
In this way, you benefit from more effective activities and are on time.

Give the time thieves no chance.

Who did not experience this? Concentrated, you sit at your computer and do an important task. On Skype, somebody is chatting, and the phone rings or displays incoming e-mails. Each time you get interrupted, it takes a while to focus on your work again. Each interruption costs valuable concentration, and at the end of the day, you only accomplish a fraction of the work.

Therefore, it is crucial that you avoid unnecessary interruptions as much as possible. Even if it might feel weird, steadfastly say “NO.” You can also hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door and turn off the phone.
Also, perfectionism is a big-time thieve to many people. Sure, you should do things well, but perfect is not necessary for many areas. Do things easy, excellent, and fast, and you will feel better about it. To do things perfectly takes forever. Done, is better than perfect.

Take breaks

Breaks are important. If you do without it, you are unfocused, and mistakes happen. It may even hurt your health! Make a habit of taking your breaks and meals at a particular time. Try to figure out how to integrate them well into your daily routine; it will give your day structure. Do not forget the Catnap that helps you to be more focused and productive.

Do these tips sound logical to you? How can you integrate these tips for better activity management into everyday life? Here, are methods that provide a meaningful structure.

The NOT-to-do list

It may sound counterproductive, but a NOT-to-do list can come in handy. How does it work? You write down all the tasks that keep you from working. Do not start them. It can be reading private emails or surfing on Facebook. You know best what makes you distracted over and over again. You will see that if you work with this list, time thieves will say goodbye to you automatically. Try it out!

This life is striving for the freedom to expand. When this is taken away, one’s face will become long and joyless in spite of a perfectly organized life.-Sadhguru


The conclusion is to keep anything that holds you from doing your work away from you. Do not let the to-do list dictate your life or kill your creativity. Feel when the time is right for certain activities. It is better to get into a good routine and not to forget “to be” in time.

What about you? Do you have a good routine to do your work? Also, do you take breaks? Do you take time for creativity? Does the to-do list rule your day?

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