Squeeze 1-Hour of Meditation into Just 12 Minutes

Zen12 is a meditation program for an easy start. The benefits of meditation are improvements in health and vitality, increased happiness, and enhanced brainpower.
The question is: Why aren’t more people doing it?
Especially nowadays, when people suffer from stress, fear, and depression, triggered by the mainstream media, it would be beneficial.

Why Meditation Can Be challenging to start 

Meditation can be challenging!

The main problem is that most people don’t make the time. Meditation requires daily practice, and the benefits are not always immediately visible, either. Improvements take some time.

To quiet a busy mind and calm a restless body also takes effort and is the biggest reason people don’t give meditation a fair go.

However, there is a good solution in sight.

The Scientific Answer to Meditation Woes

I recently discovered a program called Zen12. It seems to be the next generation in meditation. In the future, beginners will have a much easier start with this program.

Zen12 is a meditation program that uses unique “brainwave entrainment” sounds to make it easier to start meditation.

There is no need to sit in a particular position, no rules, no emptying of your mind. You hit play, sit comfortably, and let the session do the rest of the work for you. Zen12 sessions make it easy for everyone to start with meditation.

They say the unique sounds will automatically relax your mind and body. And each session lasts just twelve minutes instead of hours.

I tried it myself and included it in my daily practice.

Zen12 a meditation program

The Twelve-Minute Experience

I signed up for the Zen12 meditation program, for the full package, consisting of twelve complete levels. Advanced meditators also can start on level 6 or 7. But I decided to start with level one.

The beginner’s concept is that you listen to each level for a month and move on to the next. There are also different “flavors” available: guided meditation, relaxation music, and even sounds of nature.

I like relaxation music. I included it in my daily meditation practice. 

But you can also just hit play, sit back on your sofa, chill out and listen.

It took twelve minutes, and I felt refreshed, calm, and relaxed. It was easier to get quickly into the meditative state. 

I think this is the right program for starters and even advanced meditators.

Beginners will be astounded by how effortless it is to start meditation!

Brainwave Sounds Help to “Cheat” at Meditation

To access deeper mental states usually takes years of meditation practice. Zen12 uses unique ‘brainwave entrainment’ sounds that take you there quicker.

That means you get to “cheat” at meditation and enjoy all of the results quicker than ever before.

By playing an MP3 and chilling out for 12 minutes, you can enjoy the benefits of an hour’s meditation instantly.

Now I use Zen12 every day. 

Whoever starts the program will feel more productive and positive. 

It can make me more focused, creative, and energetic. There are a lot of health benefits and also more brainpower as well.

You just have to “zen” out and go on with it. The time feels not too long either. The 12 minutes seem like 5 minutes, and you don’t even have to meditate every day. But you will soon not want to miss it.

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Following the program

Zen12 can change your attitude, and you will love to meditate.

It’s at the cutting-edge science that will help to make the lives of many people more comfortable. It will help to tap into the human mind’s natural resources.

It is a meditation that makes it easy for the ones who felt challenged to start. I think whoever tries it will love it. 

After a short time, it can change your life for the better. You will feel more relaxed and gain health and happiness. 

What are 12 minutes out of a day? Is it not worth it?

Conclusion:  Zen12 will change your meditation experience forever.

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