How can you deal with the increasing fear?

Fear is increasing more and more these days, and many are in survival mode.

Many people suffer from the fear of viruses and their existence, especially since the time of lockdown and the Plandemic. The world is changing fast, and many feel it is becoming more challenging to keep up. The whole thing quickly affects everybody, as if it could threaten our existence. However, the real danger to life in today’s world is fear itself. More and more people are getting the impression that they can no longer cope with these challenges and are depressed.

How can you best deal with this fear?

What triggers fear?
Let’s look at the root of the fears of life. Even if you mentally recognize and convince yourself that it cannot be that bad, it does not last long. You feel better for a short time but often fall back into the old pattern again, especially if you watch mainstream media. All the disturbing news wants to create confusion and fear.

Understand how fear arises.

Fear can arise if you worry about your health and money or if you are at risk of losing your job, for example. The self-employed can face severe economic problems and feels the burden of debt or great responsibility. Fear of losing their existence.
Fear comes when you imagine that as soon as your living conditions change, life would become more difficult than it is now. Maybe you can see the social decline and the dependence on other people or the state in your mind. All of these thoughts can trigger paralyzing fears.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.- Franklin D. Roosevelt

How does fear arise?

Fear arises when we imagine a future that is supposedly worse than the present, and the dilemma begins. We imagine how our lives go down the drain and notice how we feel more anxious and paralyzed.

When we are afraid, we worry and ponder a fictional future.
But most of these ideas or situations have not yet occurred. And most likely, never will happen.

There is a feeling of helplessness because there is nothing we can do about a catastrophe that does not exist except in our imagination. That is why fears are so paralyzing. We fight against an invisible dragon. It leads to nothing and is depressing.

increasing fear

Why do we feel fear?

If you understand how negative feelings come about, it will help.
Most people think that emotions come from the outside world.

For example, you are afraid because you may lose your job. You have an important meeting with your bank, waiting for you.
But you have not yet lost your job, and the meeting with the bank is over.
When you later sit on your couch, you could relax, but you have the impression that your world is on the verge of extinction.
It’s not the threat of unemployment that you feel. it is your thoughts that create these feelings

Thoughts are powerful, and with them, you create your reality. What you feel is your thoughts about it. Otherwise, you might not be scared, sitting comfortably on your couch. It is your imagination that keeps playing these films into your mind.
Each thought produces the associated feelings. They are so realistic that you may not even notice it. With your thoughts, you create realities in which the future is threatening your life.

What you feel is your thoughts and not something outside. You will notice that the only place where your fear is coming up is in your thinking. If you are not aware of this, you have the impression that everything is doomed to fail. Your thoughts become feelings you think you can not deal with these challenges.

None of these things you imagine in your mind may ever happen. Nevertheless, it seems to you that this is real, and it scars you.  If you can understand this, it can set you free.

We Are What We Think About

And we can change our thoughts; fears cannot protect us. Things may happen every day. But we have the power to change our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions about life.  

With fearful feelings, we either attract what we do not want.

For the thing that I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me.- Job 3:25

Do You Allow Yourself to Be Manipulated by Your Own Fears?

What if when the unwanted happened?

You lost your job. The credit grows over your head.
The turnover does not come.
Do you think that fearful and catastrophic thoughts are the right companions to master a life crisis?
Even if there is a situation that we worry about, where does this fearful thinking take us?

For sure, we won’t find a practical solution if we shiver with fear. The solution to real problems is not to think because thinking such negative thoughts does not bring us a solution but a lot of negative and debilitating feelings. We cut ourselves off from an abundant resource that enables us to find a way out of the misery effectively. We think the same thoughts over and over again and cannot find solutions.

Solutions always come when we become more aware and stop fearful thinking about a situation or the future. Only when our heads are not so full of all kinds of existential thoughts of fear will there be room for thinking into solutions?

How To Benefit From Meditation Against Fear

Creative thinking into solutions

Can you remember a time when you found a solution to a problem? Was it not in a moment when you were relaxed and a little calmer?

All great thinkers had their best ideas when they were not actively involved in logical thinking. It came to them after a cat nap or a walk in nature.

Solutions come when we let go and look inside.


As long as we are mentally busy with thoughts about our endangered existence, we will feel them because we feel our thoughts.

How to let go of your fear

What you need to understand to let go of your fears is that they are not real. Fears often seem very authentic to you.

If you are not aware and have a lot of thoughts in your head, life seems truly dangerous. Or did you ever feel scared when you were peaceful?

With chaos in mind, nobody can feel optimistic about the future. 

The knowledge that can set you free

Recognize that most of the drama arises in your mind, but at the same time, it feels like it all comes from the world around you. You are free if you can realize that. The energy and capacity are released for new, fresh thinking, which leads to new ideas to solve your problem.

We create our fear – it doesn’t exist out there.

You can let go of the illusion that there is something dangerous in the future. Because you cannot prevent it by your thinking, and your mind is the only place where the problem exists. You create it yourself, but it leads to feelings like fear. But if you are aware, you can stop doing it at any time. Realize that you feel your fearful thoughts and not reality. 

The key to solving your problems is to be flexible and open to new thinking and acceptance. Seeing things and situations just the way they are. Be in the present and trust your heart.

Every problem has a solution, although it may not be the outcome that was originally hoped for or expected.’- Alice Hoffman.

So in this time of increasing fear, let’s hope and trust for the best. Even there are many disturbing things being uncovered. Some remind me of past experiences. Like parts of this video

Memories from an adventurous time

The whole situation we are in now reminds me of the time I experienced during the Iranian Revolution.

Listening to mainstream media made people scared. Some believed whatever they told; some started to get curious. My husband was in the printing business, so he did hear both sides of the news, and we also listened to European and other channels. After the Shah left the country, there was an interim government, a General ruling. We called him Aunty, who tells fairy tales. He told on TV that people put tapes on the roof playing Allah Akbar and spreading red powder on the street, which looks like blood. Even we did go ourselves on the roof and knew it was the people and patrols kill whatever moves. Therefore, no tapes were playing, and the blood was real.

During this time, I learned how to trust and be fearless.

Here is a little story about that time:

It was a curfew in the evening. Nobody was allowed to go out. After dark, most people went to the roof and shouted Allah Akbar. Sometimes we heard the sound of Machine guns. Patrols were in the streets and shut at everything moving, even if it was a dog, a cat, or only a shadow.
My husband was working during the day and had to be home before dark. It was a lot of traffic because everybody wanted to be at home before the curfew.

One of these days, he came home a bit earlier with his favorite ice cream. It seems he bought it on the way and ate already some of it. I never liked the traditional ice cream because it was too sweet and had pieces of frozen cream. But my husband loved it and offered it to the kids, but fortunately, they only tried a little bit.

After a while, he felt miserable, and we realized that he got food poisoning. It was from the ice cream.
There was a little clinic down the street around the corner, and we just made it there before curfew. A nurse came home with us, put my husband on serum, and left in a hurry,
Thankfully, the kids did not like the cream pieces in the ice cream, and only my son had a bit of nausea.

A few hours later, the sound of Allah Akbar and shutting had finished, and all was quiet; my husband called me. He felt even more miserable, and I saw his swollen arm. It seemed the nurse had not placed the needle for the serum right in a hurry. I did not dare to do anything and knew I have to go to the clinic.
I woke my son up to take care of his sister and father and told him that I have to go to bring the nurse or the doctor.

Out at Curfew Time

Our house was on the road, and at both ends was a street. Down the way around the corner was the clinic. I hushed down near the walls. Because usually, the patrols did drive on the street watching the road.
Halfway down, I heard a car on the other end of the way coming. I went into a doorway, heard shooting, and saw the glowing bullets passing right beside me.
I waited, and when I heard the car going, I dared to have a look. It was gone, and I could continue around the corner into the doorway of the clinic.

There was a guard who opened the door. The same nurse was still there, and I told her what happened. We made it back. She did her work and stayed until the morning.
I have to say that my kids had not much anxiety because we always openly discussed the situation. I did not teach them to fear.

So why could I do this? Because I listened to my heart, the inner voice.
That time, I realized if I do what my heart tells me, fear disappears. Since then, I always trust what my heart tells me.
The danger is real, but fear is not.

See why the revolution and the same behind it as now.

Trust your heart—the inner voice.

The time of crisis is the best time to learn to trust and let go of fear.

fear is increasing

It was around this time when they coined the slogan conspiration theory, terrorism appeared, and we learned about the game played. As long as it does not affect our personal life, we only notice it. Everything has a reason.  I know most people are not aware of it.

There is not much that I can do about it, but I try to do what I can do.

If you want to cure the world, don’t emanate fear; emanate love.- Ram Dass

And because I trust in our creator, I am fearless. Truth is self-evident.

Love always wins!


What about you?  Can you handle fear?

Please share your experience with us.

Updated 21. May 2023

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