Are you overwhelmed by negativity these days?

To stay balanced in this crisis time, make yourself emotionally and mentally independent of opinions, influences, events, or situations. Do not let yourself influence by the outside world. It is an essential prerequisite for being happy and being able to follow your heart’s desires!

It’s not about looking away or not thinking and talking about the bad news. But this thinking makes you feel fear, worry, frustration, or anger; it does not help you.

Such negative feelings make you lose your strength and reduce your ability to think even more. You no longer have the energy to bring something good into the world. It will weaken your power to come up with creative solutions. The people around you and the world need that you can express joy and liveliness.

How Can You Stay Emotionally Balanced In This Crisis Time?

Walks and connecting to nature can help to stay balanced

Instead of being fearful and depressed, take a break and stay away from the TV and social media. Go for a walk in nature and feel your needs. Follow your heart, be happy, do something that you love. You do the world and the people around you a great favor. At the same time, you also have the best access to your skills and potential.

We are often hurt in our development and learn specific protection programs that protect us from rejection and negative feelings. But instead, they rob you of freedom and happiness and keep you from being fully alive.

We have had many negative experiences in the course of our lives. If circumstances unconsciously remind you of a negative experience, you will only show defensive behavior.

If you are at the mercy of external circumstances, you cannot act freely. They may trigger the feeling of fear and helplessness in you. Therefore, you will react with a protection program.

How much do you care for yourself each day? Do you eat healthy food? Do Yoga and Meditate? Or is it distractions, social media, television, and shopping?

We have a choice to stay balanced no matter what circumstances. Find your inner happiness to serve in this world and help other people.

“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.” —Wayne Dyer.

Make choices that align with what you want in life and your needs.
Choose to face your fears instead of letting them rule your life.
Take responsibility for your happiness and apply what you read, learn and experience. Act, don’t just think.
Listen to your heart.
Permanently reduce stress and build up an inner, emotional resistance and resilience. Learn to listen to your heart practically and strengthen your intuition.

“Caring for your body, mind, and spirit is your greatest and grandest responsibility. It’s about listening to the needs of your soul and then honoring them.”— Kristi Ling

To support you in this way here is a helpful exercise.

It is about developing a new attitude, a different view, towards the outside world’s circumstances.
Start with simple things or situations. Chose something that you don’t have a firm opinion about or strong feelings about it.
You can then increase this exercise’s difficulty by gradually incorporating circumstances that make you feel anxious, angry, or sad.

Start with “Viewing without evaluating.”

Take a moment and look at things around you.
Notice the feelings you get when looking at each thing. Start with a simple subject. Is it beautiful, Ugly? Practical? Impractical? Do you like it or not?

Stay with this object, and now try to look at it neutrally. It is neither beautiful nor ugly, neither practical nor impractical. Do you notice the difference?

Now, look at a lived situation, for example, a news story or something else. Again, start with something simple that doesn’t affect you too much emotionally and increase that gradually.
Don’t focus only on negative things, do the exercise with things that are pleasant for you. Also, enjoy the beauty surrounding you, look forward to your exercises’ successes. What we want is to have pleasant feelings.

How Can You Stay Emotionally Balanced In This Crisis Time?

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. – Wayne Dyer

Do not ignore or underestimate the power of this exercise. It is our thinking that produces our feelings—not getting manipulated emotionally is valuable. Also, it is one of the essential skills that can increase your success and feelings of happiness! It will help you to stay emotionally balanced in this crisis time.

Meditation is also beneficial for the body, mind, and spirit. Meditation reduces the stress hormone cortisol; this means fewer ailments and an overall feeling of well-being. The positive feelings and more optimistic outlook on life achieved through regular Meditation help to stay balanced emotionally and mentally.

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Change your thoughts brighten your Day, and feel good about yourself

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