Is there also a positive aspect of the coronavirus?

Let’s look back in time to remember what happened.

For some, it may have been a positive aspect of the coronavirus that schools and universities were closed, events canceled, entire areas declared restricted zones, borders closed, and flights canceled. But also, many people were stranded and had to find how to get home safely.

There was also a lot of fear and uncertainty.
Of course, we have been in a state of emergency, and it was tragic!

Here is a story that happens to me:

A friend of mine who lives in Ecuador, but is initially Canadian, got stuck on a cruise. We are connected and communicate through social media, where she reported her travel experiences. A few days ago, the journey ended because the passengers were not allowed to come on land from the ship, but finally landed in Uruguay. Ecuador had closed its borders, so she could not get home.

The only way was to go to Canada. Here she would still be able to cross the border because she is still a citizen.
It was no question for my son and me to help her as the internet connection at her place was not stable enough to find a flight. She had quite an adventure to get to the airport, which would be a too long story to tell, but you can read here > Stranded At Sea.

But finally, she came, my son picked her up, and now she is with me in quarantine. And as we both feel pretty well, now we have an unexpected time to talk and remember our adventurous travels. Without the virus, we would not have this lovely opportunity.

On the other hand, we heard a story of a couple coming from Spain seeking help to get home. Some people did hear about this, got upset, and found them dangerous. They wanted to report this couple to the police instead of finding a way to help them to get home and be safe. Things like this also happen. We thought, what if they would get themselves in a situation like this? Would they still act that egocentric?

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Can We Find A Positive Aspect Of The Coronavirus?

Can We Find A Positive Aspect Of The Coronavirus?

Nevertheless, I would like to look for the good in the bad of the Coronavirus today. Is there a way to deal with the global corona epidemic differently than through the reflexes of fear and panic?

No question the situation was dangerous, but let us look for a different perspective to cope with the crisis in a positive way. While we see suffering, we can also look for positive things.

Do you think this is crazy? Look here for the positive sides of the virus?

I always look out for good in negative things.

Demanding circumstances are much easier to overcome if we look from another perspective. I learned this from my experiences. And I think everyone can learn this, especially if one can make himself news-proof.

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There are also already numerous different voices to hear on the subject.

Can We Find A Positive Aspect Of The Coronavirus?

Let us think about some positive things here.

One benefit is that we learn to care for ourselves and be more compassionate. Also, do you pay not more attention to your body and your immune system? Eat healthier, go more in the fresh air? Corona taught us active self-care, supporting our health, and taking care of our bodies.

Also, we draw boundaries and do not do things that could harm us or others. All this is love, compassion, and being responsible, and it is nice to show it!

 We can learn to overcome our fears.

The virus time is perfect for experiencing different fears. What fears does the virus trigger in you? Is it the fear of death? The fear of lack of food supply? Maybe also the concern of lack of freedom, losing control, to be powerless? These genuine fears that exist in us often go unnoticed for a long time until something comes up that brings them to our awareness. Some people have panic attacks and think of dying when one coughs lightly. It also shows where you can’t completely let go and trust. Be grateful for the opportunity to learn to know yourself and overcome your fear!

Also, the Coronavirus reminds us of something that we often forget in a technical civilization. We are part of nature. As much as we distance ourselves from the organic world, we live with the Earth’s biome in co-evolution. Viruses and bacteria colonize our bodies inside and out, no matter how much we sterilize ourselves. In essence, we couldn’t exist without them.

Can We Find A Positive Aspect Of The Coronavirus?

And our Mother Earth can take a breath.

The corona log downs and the associated behavior changes have had positive ecological effects. Less travel and fewer flights mean fewer CO2 emissions. Less industry and less, less pollution. Clean air thanks to the Corona Lockdown and more life.

Corona teaches us to accept our mortality and rethink our relationship with the world and with nature. With more humility, with more trust and dedication. Not everything is under our control. We wake up from our pseudo-security, which is purely external.

What we can learn is to gain inner balance and to find security in ourselves. We can grow beyond our fears and turn to the strength within.

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Do you lose yourself in a panic, or do you stay in balance? Do you keep your heart open? Are you stressed, or are you breathing calmly? We can learn to master personal resilience in times of crisis!
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If you are not willing to be vulnerable, you are not willing to transform. Whatever does not transform, whatever does not change, is as good as dead – Sadhguru

We focus on the essentials

We drastically reduced public life within a few days. And we have to get out of the hustle of everyday life, out of the hamster wheel. Many activities suddenly became obsolete.

Now we make health and life a top priority. We suddenly have time to think about what is important to us or what we want to do with our time. We learn to focus on life and the present entirely!

Finally, looking back in time.

After these distracting and, for many people, fearful times, we can look back at it.

Slowly, many will wake up, ask questions and realize how media does manipulate the society of this world. And hopefully, start to think critically, not believe everything, do research, and make better decisions.

Is this not positive?

People may also learn to be more compassionate and tolerant.

What is your opinion? 

Do you agree that there is also a positive side to everything we experience right now? 

Please, leave a comment and share your opinion.


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