Meditation Against Fear

Why meditation against fear? Meditation reduces the flow of disturbing outward information. While meditating, the mind gets clear, relaxed, and inwardly focused. 

Many people worry about the job, worries about disease, worries about health, relationships, and terror in the media. The sensation-driven, fear-mongering media news can create fear that is depressing. Stressful situations trigger anxiety in us, and the public discussions stir up additional worries. 

Those who let all these things come in unfiltered are only a small step from fears that burden life. Negative thoughts and fears are strongly related. Worry is one of the biggest triggers for anxiety and depression. 

Meditation Against Fear

But mental training can help break this mechanism.

You can learn to deal with it better. Regular meditation can help you identify worries and fears, assess them more clearly, and cope with them better.

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The daily worries

When it comes to fear, most of us think of dangerous situations or significant challenges. Most people experience fears differently. Many people carry around with them permanently nervousness, worries, and insecurity. Feelings of anxiety impair their quality of life.

Meditation Against Fear

Control of worries and fears

Scientific studies show that regular meditation strengthens the ability to control worries and fears. The frequent relaxation reaction forms a counterbalance to stress and gets your body out of constant alert. This effect not only works in the moment of meditation, but it is also easy to call up with a little practice.

Mindfulness training also strengthens the brain regions that control emotions and impulses. In this way, step by step, it gives you more control over adverse reactions. Furthermore, mindfulness makes it easier to perceive the beautiful moments in life and let them affect you. Regular meditation makes you more resilient and happier.

“Practicing meditation, we can generate the energies of mindfulness and concentration. These energies will lead us back to the insight that nothing is really born or dies. We can truly remove our fear of death. When we understand that we cannot be destroyed, we are liberated from fear. It is a great relief. Nonfear is the ultimate joy.”― Thich Nhat Hanh

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How meditation can help against anxiety and depression

Psychotherapy has also discovered the ancient technique and the potential of mindfulness. So meditation is used in a variety of ways today to help people deal with stressful emotions.

Meditation Against Fear


Meditation helps to be more flexible, to react better to situations that cause stress. You don’t worry or brood so easily. Also, meditation and mindfulness help to become aware of your emotions more quickly and not go too deep into the spiral of thought.

Accepting your feelings helps to perceive them as part of the natural range of emotions and give them not too much power over your well-being.

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For me, meditation is a daily practice that I never miss. I know for many it is difficult to start. Recently I discovered Zen 12 and the science behind it and added it to my daily practice. And I found it is very helpful to get deeper quickly and in tune with help of the relaxation music. I would like to encourage you to start with meditation. In my opinion, if more people would meditate the world would become a better place.

Meditation and mindfulness can help you learn to deal better with feelings of fear.

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