Finding Truth in a World of Deception

By telling the truth, one becomes unpopular and rejected at times. I often experienced it because I am a truth-teller. Sometimes, it is as uncomfortable for some people as it is for the truth-teller. 

Lying or not telling the truth to avoid hurting someone or to hide a reality is something many do at some point in life. They are afraid of hurting others. But there are ways, to tell the truth that it does not hurt that much. It needs only to show compassion in some cases to explain and help to find solutions. It’s better than to be ashamed and refuse to show feelings.

It affects you if you don’t tell the truth or keep half of it hidden. You feel that it is wrong. Hiding the truth is just as disgraceful as lying. 

The fear of telling the truth

Often, people don’t tell the truth for fear of what others will think. But this makes us different from who we really are, and I prefer to be authentic.

We can control our emotions of fear. Honesty is one of the most fundamental qualities to interact positively with others. 

The courage to tell the truth

Telling the truth requires courage and means speaking straight from the heart, saying what you really think, and not hiding behind a false appearance. Being brave means looking into someone else’s eyes and telling them what you think and feel.

It means using words aligned with your soul and heart from deep within. 

When you tell the truth, you show your authenticity, which can make you vulnerable. But it is impossible to hide and pretend things for long. 

Also, being open-minded is needed if somebody has a different view; it is good to discuss things.

Making mistakes is human. It’s about reflecting on what happened and being honest with yourself and everyone else. So, if you realize that you are wrong, be open-minded enough to change your perspective.


 “The truth is corrupted both by lies and by silence.” – Marco Tulio Cicero.

In these days of universal deception, seeking the truth becomes conspiracy, and people who are telling the truth are banned and censored and called conspiracy theorists.

We see Fake news, deliberately false or misleading information, spread through various media channels, mainly social media, that manipulate opinions or incite political or social unrest.

The Art of Lying

But more and more people realize that there are too many lies and that nothing we learned or hear now we can trust anymore.

What is coming to the light may, for many, be incomprehensible.

For me, not all of it is new, as I was always a “conspiracy theorist.”

From early on as a kid, I read books that are now forbidden.

There was no TV or internet, and my mother had a lot of books, and we loved to read.

Later, when I lived in Iran during the revolution, many things that are usually not in the news came to light and set me on a path to do research. Since then, I have learned to trust my intuition, not believe everything the news tells us, and observe what is happening. So, what is happening right now is not surprising to me.

Also, not everybody has an adventurous life like me, living in other countries, experiencing a revolution, and traveling a lot. Still, I was shocked that people believed everything without criticism.

Many People seem to have forgotten how truth feels and fall for all the lies and fake news; they even fight with friends and family these days.

The illusion of truth is believing something that is not real and even defending it as truth. People close themselves off the possibility that it could be wrong because they try to avoid correcting their beliefs.

We all make mistakes in our lives. 

The truth may have been hidden, but the truth will always come out. Apologize if you were wrong; be honest, and you will feel more comfortable.

Especially these days, when there are a lot of things revealed that everybody believes are true or many did not know about. Many of the revelations are incomprehensible, and denying the truth is easier and more comfortable. Truth-tellers become conspiracy theorists, and the media loves this as they have to please the ones who pay them for manipulation, misinformation, and confusing people.

5th Generational Warfare Who Shape Our Perspective on World Events

If lies are often enough repeated, they become truth for the people.

The thing affirmed comes by repetition to fix itself in the mind in such a way that it is accepted in the end as a demonstrated truth.– Gustave Le Bon

Don’t let yourself be manipulated.

But no matter how intense the manipulation is, we can still initiate the mental processes to distinguish truth from untruth. The power of manipulating the mind is limited if we use our critical thinking skills.

Watch > Exposing Mind Control.

Meditation gives you the ability to discern between lies and truth. – Kamlesh Patel (Daaji)

You should always ask yourself why you believe what you believe. Do you believe something just because you’ve heard it many times? Or do you have evidence of something and therefore believe it?

As a human being, one should feel when something is not right.

We have our own inner compass; there is something like an inner truth, the inner voice that comes from our deepest self and that we can trust. If we are unaware of it and do not hold on and listen to it, we lose our direction and go on a path others have set us on.  


Do not be deceived!

How can anybody believe that somebody who says: “It’s just like, if we’re building a road and an anthill just happens to be in the way, we don’t hate ants, we’re just building a road, and so, goodbye anthill.”, has the good of humanity in mind? Even if it concerns AI. It shows the attitude of people like this. But many even adore them as role models.

If something is in the way of what they want, humans become like ants for them. 

Or, as Madeleine Albright was asked about the war in Iraq, half a million children have died, more children than died in Hiroshima. She said it was worth it.

So, killing for money, oil, and power is worth it?

The ugly truth is, for many, inconceivable.

Max Friesch said: The best camouflage of all – in my opinion – is the plain and simple truth. Because nobody ever believes it.

How can anybody believe that killing people with bombs and rockets
is necessary? No matter what race or country.
How can anybody believe leaders who support killing and bombing humans?
In the past, when there was war, soldiers fought and had a leader with them. It was soldiers of both sides that fought. Now, soldiers kill the people, and the leaders sit at home watching and enjoying it like a game?  How can anybody believe them?

After the war

Growing up after the war in a small town in Germany, my Grandma told me about the time. She said that she cooked sometimes for soldiers and mentioned especially one who was always crying for his mother. He was from Morocco, and all he wanted was to go home. All of them wanted to go home.

No TV, no social media to manipulate.

There were Jewish people and also nazis in town, but all only wanted to go after their life.

I was living in the East and the West with Christians, Mennonites, Bahais, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jews, having African friends and Native Americans. All people are good; we are the same, and none of them wants war.

Wars are manipulated through propaganda.  Read > Undead Edward –father of modern PR.

All wars are wars of the bankers and based on lies

This much is true: you have been lied to.Ron Paul

In a world where deception and manipulation are becoming more common, honesty is becoming increasingly important. At least be honest with yourself. Do you want war?

Or do you want to build a better world?

Do not believe anything, and do your research. Practice critical thinking!

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