Trusting advice can be dangerous.

Do you always trust advice without questioning? Suppose you need advice on a critical decision. Who would you turn to?
How do you feel about advice?
Perceptual distortions influence people when they seek advice. They often even blindly follow recommendations from sources they actually know as little as they do themselves.
If you are dealing with a challenging problem, you may be tempted to follow the advice that goes against your intuition. If this is the case, you shouldn’t be willing to listen to the guidance, even if you think the advice-giving source has more information than you do.

Listen to advice, but follow your heart. Conway Twitty

I learned to only follow my heart and intuition and do my own research, and it was never wrong.

Let’s see what our friend Ryan Biddulph tells us about trusting advice.

Thank you, Ryan

What Inspires You to Trust Advice?


What Inspires You to Trust Advice?

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” ~ Mike Tyson

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Iron Mike Tyson understood the difference between emotional intelligence and intellectual intelligence. Smart people who have everything meticulously planned out are neither smart nor clear thinking when someone cleans their clocks. Yet humanity still tends to follow advice from book smart people who offer asinine advice.

Do you trust someone based on their level of intellect? What if the smart person offers advice based on their own intimately personal fears? 

Emotional intelligence and intellectual intelligence are poles apart.

Imagine a Rhodes Scholar attempting to escape a burning building. All of his book smarts, know-how, and brilliance ain’t worth a hill of beans when he panics and burns to death. Fear makes smart people stupid. Even worse, subtle but still powerful fears turn highly intelligent experts deemed authorities into utter fools offering insane advice. 

For example, imagine if a highly intelligent, esteemed authority heading a government agency operating from an energy of fear advises that placing a diaper over your mouth and nose will prevent you from dying and suffering from discomfort pertaining to a dis-ease. Scared people trust scared advice, wearing a facial diaper to avoid death or discomfort.

adviceQuestion the theory

People with a high level of emotional intelligence may question the theory that facial diapers stop death and discomfort. People who live largely from energies of love and freedom notice how tens of millions of people in, say, the USA, do not place diapers over their nose and mouth, yet an incredibly small percentage of people die from the dis-ease. A larger but still small percentage of those tens of millions of people suffer from discomfort courtesy of the dis-ease but recover perfectly and move on with their lives. If the super-smart but scared authority offered trustworthy, truthful advice, tens of millions of diaper-avoiders would have already become sick, and many of those would have died. Once again, fear gives terrible, untrustworthy advice.

Smart people who operate from fear offer stupid advice. Diapers on noses and mouths cannot stop bodies from murdering each other. However, less intelligent people who operate from love, freedom, and clarity offer advice on how to perpetuate healthiness. For example, a person without much intellectual intelligence but high emotional intelligence clearly knows, like any sane being, that healthy minds create healthy bodies. Healthy minds inspire meditating, receiving ample rest, exercising daily, eating a nutritious diet, and boosting your immune health.

Trust advice from loving souls

Trust advice from loving souls, not fearful people. Fools point to trusting someone because of their intelligence but scared, smart people, offer unintelligent advice because fear does not make sense. I have observed scared people who trust other scared people who advise that placing a plastic sheet over your face prevents death or discomfort. A plastic shield cannot stop death nor discomfort, even if a really smart person with 4 degrees and a high-ranking position in government claims plastic shields lessen the likelihood of dying or being uncomfortable.

Trust advice from people with a high level of emotional intelligence. Anyone who sees through the illusion of fear offers you freedom, love, and fulfillment through their advice. Imagine someone who teaches you how to stay healthy. Staying healthy obliterates the need to dodge dis-ease in some fear-based game of chicken. In any scenario where a global dis-ease appears to arrest fear-heavy minds, love-heavy minds who’ve largely conquered fear, remind you, that dis-ease cannot do anything to a mind or body, but that the fears of death and discomfort can manifest some wicked states in both mind and body.

Do not trust fear, even if a really smart person offers advice from a perspective of fear. Fear controls, manipulates, and subjugates. Nobody who loves you tells you to give up your worldly freedoms and run away from life! Trust love. Follow the advice from individuals – intelligent or highly unqualified on a worldly level – which teach you how to be free, empowered, healthy, and wealthy. People who love you offer sound advice to liberate you. Everyone else offers advice to control or manipulate you, for some selfish purpose on their part, or to bend you to the will of a larger machine.

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