Is what is going on, out there, or in your mind?

Are you aware that whatever you see, hear, touch, smell, you feel the senses inside of you? The senses can distract the mind, if you feel fear you think it is a real danger out there, but everything is in your mind. If we are aware, we have the power to change and control it.

In this guest post out friend Ryan Biddulph shares his thoughts, story, and view about why everything is in your mind.

Thank you, Ryan

Is It Out There Or In Your Mind?

Is It Out There Or In Your Mind?

One of the most difficult concepts to understand is that everything is in your mind.

How you think, feel and act is in your mind. And how you choose to see the world is in your mind. How you perceive the world is in your mind.

Knowing this basic truth reveals how most people lose themselves in the seemingly outside world, being victims of the “out there” when everything is in their minds.

If the world appears to be dangerous to you, the danger is only fear in your mind projected onto the world. Do you expect the world to change for you? Don’t be a fool; ferret out the fear-consciousness to rid yourself of a dangerous world.

Is It Out There Or In Your Mind?

What about problems you experience with family? Fear in your mind projected onto family members creates the issues. Family members appear to be problems out there, but the fear in your mind creates the perception of family issues.

Naturally, most absolutely reject this idea because the ego loves being a powerless victim. Blaming people gives ego existence. Handing off responsibility gives ego life. Letting go of your power to outsource it toward fear-filled humans makes pure sense to ego and its delusional pinings. But just because some family member appears to cause your problems does not mean in truth the individual creates problems for you.

Fear vanishes only with the annihilation of the ego – Mahatma Gandhi

How do you perceive the world?

Everything is in your mind because how you perceive the world is in mind, first, and last.

Entire industries build billions upon victim mentalities. Complete governments draw full power from minds weak with fear and the adjoining powerless, sheeple mentality. The matrix depends 100% on the sole idea that “out there” rules your life with “everything is in your mind” human beings are nuts, bonkers, and ready for the rubber room.

My wife and I had an experience with Sasquatch in a remote area of upstate New York in 2020. We both clearly heard the gorilla-like grunt of a massive creature well in excess of 500 pounds combined with minutes of impressive wood knocks. Years ago, I would have tried to convince myself that I imagined the scenario because I would have been so completely terrified of being rejected, mocked, made fun of or flat out ostracized as some nut bag who believed in make-believe bigfoot. However, brave people who delved into fears in their minds have been sharing their honest Sasquatch experience by the tens of thousands, online.

Gone are the days that honest people who share truthful experiences of the supernatural are made to look crazy, insane, and ready for the loony bin. Millions upon millions of humans are retreating deeper into their minds to see reality while being less of a victim to the “out there”, victim mentality of living genuinely in the dominion of the insane. 

The illusion of sickness

Humanity has shifted during the past year and a half. Less people believe that circumstances act as jailors. More people understand that everything is in their minds.

The illusion of a sickness sweeping the planet is simply the fear of death and discomfort manifest in the individual minds of billions. No dis-ease is dangerous, but rank fear of dis-ease seemingly cripples humanity, largely living in the illusion of fear, whipped into a mad frenzy by the manipulative few.

Overcoming fear in your mind by facing the energies removes the fear and whatever you feared. Face the fear of death and dis-ease; dying and getting sick can never enslave your mind again. Edge gently into the fear of losing loved ones to death and dis-ease; losing loved ones to either event can never imprison your mind again. Facing these fears for self and loved ones completely removes all power manipulative influences use to scare people into doing what the few deeply desire the masses to do.

Everything is in your mind.

Ryan Biddulph inspires you to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging at Blogging From Paradise.

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Meditation can help

Our world is in a crisis and the media did bring many people in a state of analysis paralysis and fear in the mind. Do you realize that you have the power to change this? A very effective way to gain clarity and calm the mind is meditation.

Here is a Free Meditation MP3 that will help you to get started. Use the link below and give it a try!

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