Does fear blind you to see reality?

Fear makes blind. If we let fear control our mind, we lose the ability to think clearly and our common sense seems to disappear. This is what I notice. It may help to not just passively consume the flood of images and fear-mongering news. Before fear paralyzes you do a reality check: How dangerous is my situation right now in my everyday life? And also: Are the reports and news correct? Are the toilet paper shelves really empty? It often helps to get a better overview of the situation. 

Here is another guest post by our friend Ryan Biddulph. He shares his thoughts and experience with us. Good to get another view and maybe change perception. 

Thank you, Ryan

Has Fear Blinded Your Ability To See Reality?

Has Fear Blinded Your Ability To See Reality?

I enjoyed lunch at a diner recently.

My wife and I placed flimsy, cheap little cloths over our noses and mouths for 2 seconds while we walked through the door and sat in the first seats available. We removed our masks, ate our breakfast, paid the bill, affixed the cloth for 2 seconds, and removed the cloths the second we left the store.

10 people inside of the cramped, tight diner shared air with us, mask-free.

Since I am not blinded by fear regarding a certain dis-ease, I can see reality: wearing a 1 cent, cheap, flimsy mask for 2 seconds then sitting down and sharing air with 10 human beings in a tight, cramped diner cannot stop what the news says is a deadly, highly contagious virus. The same virus has caused the death of 0.00019210526 of the world’s population over roughly 1 year. Seeing clearly, the world is quite safe for traveling but sick, dis-eased, and deluded by fear.

Fear makes you think 0.00019210526 is a big number, but that is not true. Fear also makes you think wearing a cheap cloth for 2 seconds then taking off the cloth slows the spread of a highly contagious illness, but that is not true, because a highly contagious illness would spread like wildfire if people only wore masks for 2 seconds, then sat together in a closed, cramped dining area, breathing, eating, talking, etc.

I condescend to honor local laws but did not think once about these ideas while eating:

  • The news headlines of the day
  • Any dis-ease
  • Or any sickness
  • Any illness


I faced, felt, and released a decent chunk of fear in my mind related to getting sick and dying. And I can see reality fairly clearly in terms of dis-ease because clearing fear in regards to any area of your life lets you see the truth.

I enjoyed my meal. I had fun exploring a new diner. No fear in my mind colored the experience as:

  • Dangerous
  • Bad
  • Unsafe

Fear in your mind makes experiences seem dangerous, bad, unsafe, or flat out reckless. The absence of fear reveals reality. The presence of fear blinds you from reality.

Miracles Are Just a Shift in Perception from Fear to Love Marianne Williamson

Imagine if fear resides in your mind right now. What will you perceive through that fear prism? Danger, a lack of safety, and a general sense of unease, panic, or even terror will invade your being if you bury fear into your mind and refuse to face these deluding, wicked energies.

Has Fear Blinded Your Ability To See Reality?

Is travel unsafe?

Some travel bloggers deem the world as “unsafe” for traveling anywhere, right now. Fear in their mind creates an unsafe travel situation for them. Since I do not have that same fear in my mind, I have not been blinded from reality. I see a safe, free, fun world, ripe for my traveling picking. My wife and I have traveled domestically in the USA for 4 months. We have enjoyed every second of travel. We will likely book an international trip but only to test-free nations. No resistance. Time frame: late January.

We have only waited this long to travel internationally because we do not resonate with laws invading freedom of travel, freedom of movement, and other confining edicts concerning the dominant global headline for the prior 10 months.

Has Fear Blinded Your Ability To See Reality?

I respect how most humans live in fear but prefer not to be blinded from reality, as humanity largely seems to be. Facing, feeling, and clearing fear from my mind reveals how the world is as safe or unsafe as you see the world through your mind. Scared people see an unsafe world. Loving, more fearless people see a safe world.

Life is for the living. Death is for the dying. Scared people desperately try to preserve their life but in so doing, accelerate the dying process because living in fear consumes your freedoms, and confined people quickly sprint for the grave. Once the body outlives its usefulness, fear accelerating the mental and physical illness process, the soul decides to kick the frame.

“Your Soul knows fear is an illusion. Only love is real.”- James Van Praagh 

Fear makes blind to the reality

Fear makes you see what is not there because fear is an illusion, not real, completely illusory. Love is real. Everything else is an illusion. But fear in *your* mind tunes you into a world of blindness, ignorance, panic, and fish in a barrel easy manipulation. Fear scares you back into your comfortable but miserable, depressing cave, where you live to die another day. And fear scares you into trusting liars and doubting honest people.

Has Fear Blinded Your Ability To See Reality?

Fear scares you into seeing something that is not happening and not seeing something that is happening.

The worst mistake you will make during your human experience is not facing, feeling, and releasing your deepest fears.

The best decision you will ever make as a human being is to face, feel, and release your deepest fears.


Slay fear.

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What about you? Does fear make you blind? Or do you live in the reality?

Please, share your experiences and story with us.

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