Do you act as your true self? Are you Authentic?

Finding your true self and being authentic is a process.  To be authentic means to be YOU. It means that you act as you feel right inside yourself. To be you and not somebody you think you have to be.

Influences from outside can make us inauthentic, especially if we unconsciously are as others want us to be or want to be like a role model. 

If you act as your real self means you are authentic.

7 Tips On How To Find Your True Self And Be Authentic

Have you ever taken the time to know yourself deeply, honestly?  

Does fear hold you back from finding your true self?

When you start self-analysis, you become an observer. When you begin to observe, you begin to see clearly in the innermost part of your heart, in your own awareness.– Shrimad Bhagavad Gita

In our childhood and during life, we ​​suppress or hide essential potentials or properties of our true selves because they are assessed negatively from the outside. Out of fear, shame, and a need for love, we no longer dare to express this potential or this characteristic after a negative evaluation.

We no longer live this actual, natural quality of the true self and no longer express a part of our true self, 

In our childhood, we absorb messages that become part of our belief system. We live our lives and firmly believe that these learned beliefs and paradigms are our own, and they become part of our self-image. 

If you want to find your authentic self, you need to get aware of these beliefs and see which ones are genuinely your own.

Which beliefs come from a rational, healthy, grounded mind, and which ones are remnants from your childhood that hold you back?

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Most common limiting beliefs examples

  • You are not smart enough.
  • When you show feelings, other people think that you are weak!
  • Adapt to situations to not attract negative attention!
  • Don’t dream; not everyone can become successful 
  • You shouldn’t just trust people like that, because most of them will disappoint you!

You will quickly notice that these beliefs cannot be 100% true.

But you may unconsciously believe in them, hide the real you, don’t pursue your dreams, and do not easily trust other people.

 It is a process to eliminate these beliefs and requires self-analysis of your thoughts and behavior.

7 Tips On How To Find Your True Self And Be Authentic

To help you find your true, authentic self, here are 7 tips that will help you.

1. Don’t compare yourself to others

One constant stumbling block in life is other people’s lives. Mostly nowadays, we are constantly confronted with it. Someone always seems to be funnier, more charming, more beautiful, and more successful.

Your self-confidence can only suffer as a result of comparing yourself or your life. Especially when you are trying to achieve something, you should avoid comparing.

Also, comparing yourself to others is utter nonsense. Why?

 Well, because the others probably all wear a mask too!

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Role Models – Do You Want to Play a Role or Be Authentic?

2. You can’t be authentic if you don’t like yourself.

And you can’t find yourself great if you only see what is missing in your life all the time. If you do not like yourself, you might want to hide your personality from others.

Therefore, self-love is an essential step on the way to more authenticity. You don’t have to love everything about yourself. But you can still work on your weaknesses.

It would be best if you accepted yourself for who you are despite everything. And that you don’t always look at your supposed “mistakes,” but be also aware of your strengths!

Focus on your plans and your own life because nobody else can do it as well as you do!

By the way, Charlie Chaplin described what it means to be entirely in harmony with yourself and your life in a poem on the occasion of his 70th birthday. You can find it here: When I began to love myself.

7 Tips On How To Find Your True Self And Be Authentic

3. Role models are only for inspiration.

You can get inspired and become more creative, for example. But the best is if you also leave it with this inspiration. Never go so far that you want to be entirely like another person! Every person is unique in their character.

Do not try to imitate someone. You will end up with a strange mixture, a distorted version that is not you. You are only authentic if you are and want to be yourself because that’s what you radiate.

4. Dare to step out of your comfort zone

To be more authentic, you have to change. At least if you have hidden the real you well so far. Change requires courage and the willingness to leave the comfort zone from time to time.

Whether you say what you think more often or more often do what you feel like doing, you will be a little afraid of it every time. It is entirely normal. After all, you have always behaved differently so far and will now attract attention with your “new” personality.

5. Be honest with others and with yourself!

Are you an honest person?

If so, you should also be open to the people in your life. Someone who always keeps his mouth shut may not tell lies but is not open and honest either. You should have an opinion and represent it if you want to be authentic.  

It doesn’t matter what others think of it, as long as you feel the truth of it. Because if you keep silent during conversations, then nobody knows who you are. That doesn’t mean you should fight all the time.

If you quote external information, do it so that it is clear why you are saying it exactly. Do not repeat slogans without describing your feelings. Show your perspective without blaming or pointing your finger at others.

Do not hide who you are or what defines you. Put your personality out there and talk about things that are important to you. 

When we want to impress others, we pretend we’re happier, more successful, or better than we are. Inside, however, we feel weak or think that others think we are boring. The reason for this is low self-esteem.

But nothing is as impressive as your authentic personality! Because you are unique. There is no other person in the world who is like you.

Be honest and show yourself the way you are. 

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7 Tips On How To Find Your True Self And Be Authentic

6. Find your true self

To be authentic means to be yourself. Do not play a role in your own life. 

But what if you don’t know who you really are yet? Finding yourself is a process. Don’t put pressure on yourself, but don’t neglect it.

The journey to yourself is exciting, so why not start it?

Think about your values and your view of the world, and whenever you can find something that you feel is “real me,” hold onto it. You have to shed many layers to know yourself better. It can sometimes be uncomfortable.

And remember, not everyone will love you! But be yourself anyway. It is part of the process.

Don’t try to please everyone because some people will always have problems with you. It will never happen that everyone will love you. It is natural. Don’t waste your time on it.

Stay just who you are. Be you! Be with people who accept and love you for exactly that.

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7. Show feelings, even if it might hurt

A critical point for authentic behavior is feelings. An emotional person is often seen as dramatic but also always as authentic. But if you have a specific feeling, then don’t suppress it.

Put it in words!

Show if you are uncomfortable with something, and point it out clearly. Give hugs if you feel like it, and love someone. Always be honest with your emotions.

To be authentic also means that you stand by your feelings and show them. You cannot be true to yourself if you are continually hiding what is going on within you.

Allow your feelings!

When you are sad, cry. If you are upset, speak up. If you have to laugh, laugh as loudly and as long as you want.

You may find that it is difficult for you to show your feelings. It is entirely normal. As children, we often learn that we should be brave and not show our anger or even joy.

So be patient with yourself. The more you allow your feelings, the easier it will be for you.

Over time, you will find that it is entirely okay to stand by your feelings. Then you can extend this openness to other people as well.

But also be careful because not everyone deserves to know the real you. Let them criticize who they think you are. Paulo Coelho

Are you ready to find and return to your true self and be more authentic?

To discover your true self and be authentic needs observing, analyzing, and understanding your behavior and asking self-reflection questions. Meditation will help in the process of finding your true self.

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What about you? Do you have a story to tell or are you on the journey to find your true self and be more authentic? Please, share it with us in a comment!

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