What kind of people must we be to create a promising future?

We will need courageous people who know their True Self.  Finding the courage to become your True Self is a liberating process.

Have courage. Bring yourself back to yourself. – Yogi Bhajan 

We live in truly turbulent times. Large and small changes are the order of the day for everyone. Your need for security may hold you back from consciously and actively initiating change, so you react instead of acting. 

The need for security is so great that we often put it first. But there has never been and never will be security on the outside. Security is just a condition. 

If you want to shape your life consciously, your true Self, your inner place of security, gives you the strength to overcome any crisis and opens up endless possibilities.- Find it.

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7 Tips On How To Find Your True Self And Be Authentic

Time to Discover Your True Self and Help to Create a Better World

Discovering Your True Self

In stressful times, People often say, “I need to find myself again and take a vacation or a little break. Sometimes, that is enough to rediscover at least a little of your true Self.

The path to self-discovery takes a bit longer, but it is worth it because rediscovering your true Self is essential for mental and physical health.

The true Self helps the body to keep itself healthy and to renew itself continually. But this excellent self-preservation program only works if we truly live in harmony with our higher Self.

The problem is that most people have no access to the true Self and, therefore, no access to the self-actualization program. Instead, another false program is at work: “self-concept.”

Self-concept or self-image

The self-concept, or self-image, has been impressed on us by others: our parents, educators, teachers, partners, and all people who see us differently than we are. Also, in our time, the media manipulates and shapes the perception of how we should be. The imposed self-concept., the “role” we play, deviates from our true Self, our happiness in life, and our bodily and mental health.

Who gave you your belief system?

We must let go of the false concept and find our way back to the true Self. We should let go of everything that kept us away from it. Like an actor who is an entirely different person in real life than the role he just played on stage.

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What is the true or higher Self”?

The true Self remains when all the conditioning accumulated and internalized throughout life disappears, and who we really are emerges.

You can also say “authentic self,” “higher self,” or “soul.”

Your higher Self is who you truly are in connection with divine creation.

It is not tied to the physical form and yet is connected to us as humans. The higher Self is immeasurably superior to your earthly body in size, strength, and wisdom. Wouldn’t it be a shame to continue not to use this potential of your existence?

It is the part of your being that constantly and eternally continues to exist even when this body, in which you now reside, falls to the earth like a leaf of a tree in autumn and disappears.

7 Tips On How To Find Your True Self And Be Authentic

The Higher Self from the perspective of yoga philosophy:

In yoga, the true core of man is SAT CHIT ANANDA.

SAT stands for pure being.

CHIT stands for consciousness.

ANANDA is joy/bliss.

The core of every human being consists of pure being, pure consciousness, and pure joy. These three “states” are the elementary characteristics of Brahman, the universal soul.   The individual soul within each of us is Atman. Atman is the Self, the individual soul.

We are all individuals, yet we are connected by the same core, which is part of the universal soul. Each of us is a part, an individual expression of Brahman. We have both a collective true self and an individual true self. 

Time to Discover Your True Self and Help to Create a Better World      

How can you find your True Self?

There are various ways to do this, but they all lead to the same goal: going within, feeling, and looking into the silence and yourself.

My favorite options for this are yoga and meditation; QiGong and breathing techniques are other methods that support you in going into silence and finding yourself. Even walking in nature without your phone can do.

It’s not so important what exactly you choose but that your chosen method works for you. One thing is essential to discover your true Self: that you are in inner peace.

If you let yourself be influenced by disturbing things from the outside, you are far from your higher Self. You are externally controlled and only act out of instinct; you are in survival mode, and the Ego will take over.

The Ego is only focused on your survival and wants to protect you from every danger that threatens you.

The moment you understand yourself as the true Self, you find such peace and bliss that the impressions of the petty enjoyments you experienced before become as ordinary specks of light in front of the brilliant sun. – Swami Satchidananda

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The voice of your intuition

You can ask yourself from a state of calm questions. Over time, you can recognize and find the answer of your Higher Self and live it out. Learning to differentiate which “voice” the answer comes from within you is essential: your Ego or your soul, your intuition.

The voice of your true Self always has feel-good energy, while the Ego mostly answers with logic and wants you to stay in your comfort zone.

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Time to Discover Your True Self and Help to Create a Better World

Don’t listen to the Ego or inner critic; listen to the wisdom of your true Self. Denying yourself to achieve your true potential is the most tremendous disservice you can do to yourself, your soul, and humanity.

We have a mission and must get problems out of the way if we want to live a happy life and create a peaceful world.

I ask you as Rumi asked >“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself? 

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Just try it. It may be crucial for your future.

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