Do you dare to be you, or do you play a role?

Pictures of my friend Anant, all one and the same person.
He looks in every picture differently, but he is an actor, and it is his profession to play roles.

What about us?

Do you dare to be you?

For example, I met friends again; it was about a year since I had not seen them, and when calling, they said that they had been away for a while and we would see each other soon.

I knew they had a good life and traveled a lot.

When I saw my friend in a meeting, I was shocked. She looked not very well. Later she told me that she had been sick. She started to mail me again, and the bubble burst when we met the next time. What a mess.

Because of playing, everything was perfect; now it was very late to do something and help. I never was formal with them, but they thought they had to pretend.

Another friend, a businessman from the big city, told me once, at your place, we feel good, but in the city with our friends, we can’t walk and talk like here. When he talks to the people here, he plays the teacher.

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you.”-Lao Tzu.

Do you dare to be you?Du you dare to be you?

What does this mean? Do we need to pretend to be somebody else?

Somebody the society wants us to be?

Or are these our paradigms?

Something we learned as a child?

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Do we play games, a role? Do we need to pretend?

Are we not allowed to be ourselves?

To be Me is what I always wanted, even if it was sometimes not easy.

I like to be with people where I can be me.

I want to be free to be me!

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”-Bernard M. Baruch.

What about you? Are you aware when you play a game, a role?

The actor’s job is to pretend to be somebody else and play a role.

We all have our weaknesses and flaws, and instead of pretending, we can help each other overcome them.

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Let’s be authentic and free.

Playing roles is for actor’s

Do you dare to be you?

“If I want to be free, I’ve got to be me. 

Not the me I think you think I should be. 

And not the me I think my wife thinks I should be. 

Not the me I think my kids think I should be.

If I want to be free, I’ve got to be me.” -Bill Gove

Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself, and the right people will love the real you. Unknown.

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Dare to Be Yourself: How to Quit Being an Extra in Other People’s Movies and Become the Star of Your Own

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In this powerful map to self-discovery, Alan Cohen draws on sources from Buddhism to the Bible, from Gandhi and Einstein to A Course In Miracles, sharing many of his own radiant moments of revelation on the spiritual path. He shows how we can let go of the past, overcome fear, and discover the power of love in our lives. Once we are engaged in the work of truly being ourselves, each challenge becomes an opportunity for growth, each choice a lesson in commitment, and each relationship a renewal of God’s work.

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