Indian ways of discovering  the inner self 

There is a lot of energy that the universe has given every human being. But we do not use it fully and often we are acquiring more negative feelings than positive ones.

We all are mentally trained to put on a special mask when dealing with other people and we have a totally different mask to cover our actual inner self, which all of us hide and usually not show to the world. In an attempt to hide our true self, we tend to forget what our real self really is.

This inner self is our real sense of identity and if we lose it, means, we have lost ourselves. This loss is usually a result of negative attributes that we have adapted over time and conditioning. Because of this, we need to uncover and find this inner self again and free it.

Our outer and inner self

Another thing that haunts most of us all the time is the thinking of our future. That is the fear of what will happen tomorrow? This grows aggressiveness and compulsiveness and when it shows up it may be at the cost of relationships and happiness of others.

No matter what happens, our inner and outer selves are interlinked. What we experience in the outer world affects our perspective, actions, and vice-versa. Religion is another thing that takes us away from reality. It defines the norms of life and demarcates everything with the attitude of sinful and virtuous deeds.

We have to reach out to our hidden selves, we have got to beat all these obstacles and think about new ways of life. Looking inside our selves helps us in rejecting this confusion and see things more clearly. People who find themselves are extra calm, meditative, and quiet people and do not face such problems of confusion or mistrust. They understand the methods of life and act accordingly.

inner self

Indian ways of discovering  the inner self

In India, from the time of Vedas, there have been many methods that are used to heal and discover our inner selves.
Ayurveda is one such ancient practice of healing of the self. It believes that the meals we eat have an effect on the well-being of a person. The recipes which are prepared by using herbs have medicinal properties to cure many illnesses and vitalize the energy of a person.

Each one of us has self-healing energy inside that can be enhanced by a correct diet. The ways of Ayurveda relaxes the mind and body of an individual so he can focus on the inside.

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Meditation is another way that helps to bridge the gap between the physicality and universality of a human being. It helps him to explore and uncover his real self that has been lost in the rat race of the world. Also, it is a natural way of healing that does not use any medicines and rejuvenates energy. It also calms the mind and body. It improves concentration and helps a person to focus on life. 

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Yoga is also a way of discovering the self and in addition, redeems the self from the distractions of the outer world. Also, this method makes use of breathing exercises that also helps to get in touch with the inner self.

Yoga is a way of living.

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Today these ancient teachings are available to all of us and have ways to help us to discover our inner self.  Inner Engineering is one of them it also helps to empower yourself so you can create your life the way you like it. 

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Inner Engineering

Read what Sadhguru one of the most famous teachers and mystic of our time has to say: As we have physical science to create external well-being there is a whole inner dimension of science to create inner well-being. I call it Inner Engineering.”

“Self-realization means just knowing your Self. I am asking you, how can you live an effective life without knowing anything about yourself? “

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The Self – Personality or Basis of Creation?

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The best and easiest way to start with self-realization is Meditation. To help you get started see this post > How To Start Meditation – A Beginner’s Guide you will find a free Zen12 meditation MP3 that will make it easier. for you.

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