The advantage of being flexible in body and mind

Are you flexible in body and mind? Being Flexible: The term flexibility describes people who can adjust to their environment’s new requirements and adapt accordingly. Some of these changes are predictable; others come as a surprise, like some dramatic events.
Most people are unprepared for such changes. It is crucial in our time that you can react flexibly to changes.

To be flexible and inflow is not always that easy.
I don’t mean only the ability to twist and stretch the body physically but mental flexibility. It has enormous advantages if you stay flexible because life is dynamic and rigid patterns make life difficult for us.

It was early in my childhood that I learned to be flexible. My family moved to another town only six months after I started school. I had to adapt to the new environment and school. Later we lived in other places, but a significant change was when I was 18 years old and moved with my husband to Iran. A different country, culture, tradition, language, writing, and religion. So I had a lot to learn to adapt while staying being me.
It made me flexible, open-minded, and able to detach. Later more changes happened, and I could get rid of many paradigms while enjoying an adventurous life.

Physically flexible

Also, I kept myself physically flexible. In school, I was not too fond of exercise. None of the teachers could make me like it.
At that time, people were more active with walking and biking. There was no internet and only an evening program on TV. The mind programming in the west started during the time I was away. I am very grateful for this. I noticed it when I came back and felt like in a foreign country.

Exercising I started when I was in the sixth month of my first pregnancy. Starting with sit-ups and slowly made a whole program for myself. Even my husband did first hold my knees so I could get up. Since then, I have always kept exercising as a habit, and even until last year, I taught a group of ladies for 18 years, creating mindful exercise programs.

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Why you better be flexible in your mind

Do you think and act out of a habit without critical thinking?

If you let Paradigms, the subconscious mind, and habits rule your life, you lose essential freedom. With being flexible in mind, you can react individually to challenging situations such as significant changes, loss, and chaos. You have not let everything run according to an existing condition.

Be flexible in your mind.

Each of us can have mental flexibility, but you must learn to recognize and deal with it properly. When you plan to overcome your comfort zone and change something in your life, a flexible mind is a critical companion.

“We have a new normal. As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.” – Robin S. Sharma.

A flexible mind does not look at things according to their logic but in a situational context.

You are not a victim of your emotions. Feelings are important but do we need to accept all feelings? You can identify emotions such as tension or frustration early on so you can deal with them. Do not let them get you down.

It is essential to recognize your body’s signs and learn to interpret them correctly to use your mental flexibility consciously.

Don’t be afraid to change your paradigms or get rid of them. See this step as an opportunity. Changing your habits can help you broaden your horizons to experience new things.

Change is always associated with fears and uncertainties. Like in our time now, many people are scared and do not even realize that something is totally false. Mental flexibility is powerful for maintaining common sense and mastering new situations.

Flexible body, flexible mind

For me, being flexible means both in thinking and physically, as both body and mind are our tools to master life’s challenges.
The further you can stretch your body, the more your consciousness expands. If your body is stiff and limp, then your whole perception is constricted and lifeless.

However, when I stretch my body, it feels like I am opening up my consciousness. Even after just a short 25-minute session, one walks through life quite differently.

Whether you are doing yoga or just stretching, every experience in this direction can give you a good idea of ​​how body and mind are intertwined and what a benefit it can be to be just a little more flexible. Of course, meditation and solitude are also helpful, in which you can let this quality become more vital in you.

Learn to be flexible

As you learn to be flexible, you can choose what best suits your interests because the human being’s real power is mental flexibility. An adaptable human being knows how to find itself, accept its own emotions, connect, and take care of one’s attitude. They are clear about goals but flexible about the process to reach them.

Speaking of mental flexibility, you may imagine a bamboo forest that bends to every gust of wind and water. But the real magic of bamboo is not in its flexibility but in its resilience. In nature, we can find flexibility everywhere.

flexible in body and mind

The advantages of flexibility

Flexible people are creative and have adaptive minds.
They take responsibility and do not need approval.
People with flexible minds can admit if they are wrong. They do not need to pretend to be right. They use the energy instead to take steps to find solutions.
Also, they use mistakes to learn from them and do not count them as a weakness.
If they get new insights and see an opportunity, they are not afraid to change their mind. Even if there are losses, they are not attached and have the courage to move on if they see a better outcome.

Mentally flexible people tend to have a better quality of life. Their attitudes allow them to control their emotions better, deal with difficulties more creatively, and enjoy much more positive and enriching social relationships.

All this brings freedom and makes confident and fearless.

How can you become more flexible?

Ask questions. Ask yourself in different situations, “What If’?
For example: What if I were jobless? What if I had to move to another town/country? What would/could I do? Be curious like a kid and ask, “Why”?
Today, most people accept everything they hear if it is often enough repeated and do not ask questions. It makes the mind rigid.
Travel! Be with people with different languages and traditions.
Invest in yourself and learn new skills.
Be like bamboo or, even better, like water.

Flexible In Body And Mind

How a flexible mind helps you with change

If you are serious and deal with your flexible mind properly, it can help you shape your life according to your ideas.
Be ready to let go of old habits. Some everyday life habits have a positive effect. But paradigms are hindering, especially when it comes to change. Acting out of habits will not help to develop further.
Being flexible will help you cope well with difficult situations of change. You will recognize problems and react to a situation correctly.

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Keeping your mind flexible will help you find new ways to master difficult situations confidently.

If you are aware and flexible in mind, intuition can guide you.

Your instinct is always with you and knows how to react in certain situations and how far you can go— Use your intuition, instincts, and flexible mind. They will help you discover new things but still maintain specific security. A security that will help you go through life with more courage.

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What about you? Are you flexible?

Are you prepared?

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