The Lost Knowledge of The Creative Power of The Womb

Do you know about the womb to heart teachings?
Are you aware of the creative power of the womb? It is the center of a woman’s strength. In the shamanic context and sacred traditions from ancient India, Tibet, Egypt, Gnostic Christianity, and Judaism, the womb is more than an organ.

In the womb resides the magic and […]

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These 5 Tips Can Help Families Alleviate Self-Isolation Stress

How to Alleviate Self-Isolation Stress?
When the whole family is cooped up inside for long periods, daily living can become stressful. Ifyou find that your self-isolation status is causing strife among family members, you need quicksolutions to restore the peace. Here are five tips to help alleviate stress in your household andfind your new normal.
Get Active […]

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Creative Tips For A More Sustainable Holiday Season

Think of the environment and be the change you want to see!
Help to make it a sustainable Holiday season. Christmas is the time of silence and contemplation. Or is it for you instead a time of consumption and hectic? Be mindful if you want to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint. Help to make the […]

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Does Processed Food Make Fat ?

Processed food makes fat
I recently traveled to India, not like a usual tourist, but to visit friends there. Also, I did tours, but most stayed at friends’ houses and lived with them, even the hotel was a place owned by friends.

I have been there for around 6 weeks and lost weight while eating more than […]

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The Benefits OF Sprouts For Your Health And Vitality

Easily make yourself fresh sprouts
We can grow sprouts all year long, but I usually start in winter, because in summer I have fresh greens in my garden. Wintertime is good to start sprouting.

If seeds are soaked in water and begin to germinate, the grains become true power plants.

For example, Broccoli sprouts form anti-cancer substances during […]

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