How to Alleviate Self-Isolation Stress?

When the whole family is cooped up inside for long periods, daily living can become stressful. If
you find that your self-isolation status is causing strife among family members, you need quick
solutions to restore the peace. Here are five tips to help alleviate stress in your household and
find your new normal.

Get Active Outside Every Day

Spending a lot of time indoors can have everyone going stir crazy. But it also means you’re not
getting the sun’s vitamin D or fresh air. That lack of vitamin D could be a major contributor to
your stress and anxiety.
To get back out in the sun, aim for active adventures like biking, hiking, or rock climbing as a
family. Keeping your distance from others is easy when you’re moving quickly or heading to a
lesser-visited nature destination.

If you’re not able to get the family outdoors as much as you’d like, you may find your family
members arguing and complaining more than usual. If this is the case, take steps to make your
home a more positive space. Allow more natural light into your house and have the whole family
spend an afternoon or weekend decluttering and tossing unused belongings.

Do a Sleep Check for All Ages

Adequate sleep is another reason families can begin to get on one another’s nerves. And while
some members of the household might prefer to stay in bed all day, others aren’t getting quality
rest. Kids, especially, need sufficient sleep for their development and overall health, says Grumpy moods are an unhappy side effect of sleep deprivation, too.
To help kids get back on track, check-in with them before bed to see how you can help them
relax and rest easy. Ask what aspects of the bedtime ritual they enjoy, or which stuffed animal
they want to sleep with. Letting them make decisions about their routine can also help ease
bedtime arguments.

Ban Boredom with Family Games

Gone are the days when child experts cautioned parents against playing video games. These
days, professionals and parents alike recognize the benefits of age-appropriate multiplayer
gaming for their kids’ social-emotional development.
When you or the kids do need a break from screen time, try another kind of game for family fun.
Board games are a reemerging classic, and kids can still enjoy throwback games like Jenga and
Go Fish. Or, you can try your hand at more modern spins on the classics—like Clue: Harry
Potter or Fortnite Monopoly

Alleviate Self-Isolation Stress

Focus on Your Plate

Plenty of families are catching the cooking bug during the pandemic. And no matter the ages of
your household members, enjoying meals together is a healthy way to reconnect, explains
Parents. Of course, the healthier the meals, the better off everyone is. So, aim for cooking some
healthful dishes together and focus on balanced meals rather than tasty desserts. To eat
healthier, check out some of these recipes for a balanced diet from Erika Mohssen-Beyk.

Start a New Tradition

Regular routines can help everyone feel more grounded during self-isolation. But scheduling
your relaxation and recreation can help add interest to the day or week. Consider queuing up
family-friendly movies on your streaming service of choice and pop up some popcorn.

Add other new family traditions to make your self-isolation more memorable and entertaining for
the whole family. While big gatherings like birthday parties and graduations aren’t possible, you
can still celebrate virtually and while social distancing. Kids might be disappointed to miss get-
together with friends, but keeping in touch with friends can help.

When you don’t have the option of heading out on the town, another night in can feel daunting.
Fortunately, just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you can’t reduce stress levels and
cut the tension in the house. By finding something for everyone to enjoy, you can calm anxiety,
breathe more freely, and pass the time without driving each other crazy.

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This is a guest post by Emma Grace Brown. She was thinking of families during the log down and has suggestions to make life easier at this time.

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