Think of the environment and be the change you want to see!

Help to make it a sustainable Holiday season. Christmas is a time of silence and contemplation. Or is it for you instead a time of consumption and hectic? Be mindful if you want to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint. Help to make the stressful Christmas season the best time of the year again. You can do a lot and lead by example.
According to Mahatma Gandhi -“Be the change that you want to see,” this year you can give the environment the attention it desperately needs. Remember, Christmas is called the feast of love. Here are some eco-friendly tips for the holidays. Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve with the smallest possible “ecological footprint.”

Creative Tips For A More Sustainable Holiday Season

Creative Tips For A More Sustainable Holiday Season

Make Christmas a sustainability project.

How about getting together with your partner, kids, and friends and start thinking together about sustainable holidays? You can make Christmas environment-friendly for the benefit of all. Instead of running around and buying each other things that we might not need at all, may it not be a good idea to forget about gifts and spend time together instead!

Creative Tips For A More Sustainable Holiday Season

Avoid plastic

If you do not want to give up gifts, make sure that you do not wrap gifts in plastic. Avoid plastic; there are a lot of innovative ideas to do this. Wrapping things in fabrics or scarves, for example. Finally, there are beautiful ideas for using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.


Be creative in gift wrapping.

How about being aware of how much paper is being wasted to wrap gifts and packing your Christmas presents in an environmentally friendly way? Take a look at what you have left off last year’s wrapping paper instead of buying something new. If you do not have one in stock, then this year’s gifts will creatively wrap things up with papers, strings, and other things you already have. You can invite your family and friends to do the same. Uniquely packaged gifts are not only sustainable, but you can also show your creativity.

Buy regional

Buy locally grown ingredients for your delicious Christmas menu. Seasonal Vegetables from the region are fresh, taste delicious, and are full of nutrients. By doing this, you are helping to use less fuel and packaging material, especially if you shop at local farmers’ markets.
The best is to buy directly from an organic farmer in your area; this will help as well as encourage them to continue the hard work. Buy the things you need from people you know, like, and trust. Don’t feed corporations; instead, support your community.

Creative Tips For A More Sustainable Holiday Season

Refuse to use new year firecrackers

Due to the New Year’s Eve rockets and crackers, air pollution rises rapidly on the first day of the year. It is not as high as usual during the whole year. In addition to the health hazard generated, it also produces a lot of waste. That’s why you should rather avoid it.

Creative Tips For A More Sustainable Holiday Season

You will also do a great favor to the animals in your area because they often suffer enormously from the loud cracker sound.

Creative Tips For A More Sustainable Holiday Season

Updated Dec.2022

I wish you and your loved ones beautiful and sustainable holidays!

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What are your thoughts about a sustainable holiday season? Are you making changes to protect the environment?

Please share your experiences and opinion.

Happy Holidays 🙂