The Ancient Grain Millet Can Help To Prevent Diabetes

Millet helps to prevent diabetes
Traveling in India ,the 14th of November was World Diabetes Day.
I came over god Ganesha, he could be a Symbol for diabetes.

In the Indian culture god Ganesha, his small stature with a big belly is loved for his great fondness for sweets, feasts, and the leisurely lifestyle, from a medical view,
it would be […]

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Can We All Be Healers?

We all can be healers
Sometimes we all can be healers, and it needs only a few words, and loving attention.
I have been thinking that I wanted to write something and have a lot of stories in mind, but somehow they do not fit in today
While doing the unpleasant work, I am looking for a sign […]

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Are You Aware? How Far Are We Away From Nature?

A story about a Racoon and how we deal with nature.
Should we not be more aware and pay more attention to our thinking and actions?
The Story about the  Racoon
Last Saturday I took my grandchildren to the big city. I was there to attend an event that did not take place because I missed the message […]

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