The Benefits OF Sprouts For Your Health And Vitality

Easily make yourself fresh sprouts
We can grow sprouts all year long, but I usually start in winter, because in summer I have fresh greens in my garden. Wintertime is good to start sprouting.

If seeds are soaked in water and begin to germinate, the grains become true power plants.

For example, Broccoli sprouts form anti-cancer substances during […]

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The Ancient Grain Millet Can Help To Prevent Diabetes

Millet helps to prevent diabetes
Traveling in India ,the 14th of November was World Diabetes Day.
I came over god Ganesha, he could be a Symbol for diabetes.

In the Indian culture god Ganesha, his small stature with a big belly is loved for his great fondness for sweets, feasts, and the leisurely lifestyle, from a medical view,
it would be […]

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Can We All Be Healers?

We all can be healers
Sometimes we all can be healers, and it needs only a few words, and loving attention.
I have been thinking that I wanted to write something and have a lot of stories in mind, but somehow they do not fit in today
While doing the unpleasant work, I am looking for a sign […]

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Are You Aware? How Far Are We Away From Nature?

A story about a Racoon and how we deal with nature.
Should we not be more aware and pay more attention to our thinking and actions?
The Story about the  Racoon
Last Saturday I took my grandchildren to the big city. I was there to attend an event that did not take place because I missed the message […]

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