Millet - Prevent Diabetes

           Millet – Prevent Diabetes

Millet helps to prevent diabetes

Traveling in India ,the 14th of November was World Diabetes Day.
I came over god Ganesha, he could be a Symbol for diabetes.

In the Indian culture god Ganesha, his small stature with a big belly is loved for his great fondness for sweets, feasts, and the leisurely lifestyle, from a medical view,
it would be a clear case of diabetes.

This widespread disease is the embodied God Ganesha lifestyle – eating too much and exercising too little.

The modern lifestyle, such as incorrect Nutrition, mental stress,
lack of exercise, obesity. Diabetes is affecting millions of people.

Millet helps to prevent diabetes


  Millet- Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is a dietic treatable disease and can be prevented .
The basis for any diabetes treatment is proper nutrition.
In India diabetes is widespread ,as well.

Here in the land which is the world biggest producer
of millet and the land of origin of many kinds of millet,
it was discovered again , to  treat and prevent  diabetes.

Millet can have an important role in controlling diabetes.
The Ayurveda medicine uses millet together with • roasted grains
and legumes,especially mung beans
and Chickpeas.
Sprouts ,leafy vegetables, such as spinach, chard, chicory,
bitter, astringent and spicy
Vegetables such as cabbage, zucchini, artichoke,
Radish, onions
Fruits with contractive quality as
unripe banana, quince, barberry
Cleansing and digestive
Spices, especially turmeric, garlic,
Fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, pepper,
ginger,cinnamon, saffron
As a drink hot water herb tea
For non-vegetarians game, lamb, goat
and fried chicken allowed.

Five small meals that nourish the body and provide sustained
energy are the basis for any diabetes also in Ayurveda
small,regular meals with easily digestible, dry and
bitter foods dominate the diet.

Millets in one’s diet can help prevent diabetes” 

says Dr. Vijay Viswanathan,an Indian Chennai-based Diabetologist
He writes:
“Studies have shown that millets are also rich in health-promoting
phytochemicals like polyphenols, lignans, phytosterols, Phyto-oestrogens
and phytocyanins. These function as antioxidants, immune modulators,
detoxifying agents, etc. and hence protect against age-related
degenerative diseases like cardiovascular diseases (CVD), diabetes,
cancer, etc. Studies have reported that the consumption of millet-based
food items produced the lowest post-prandial glucose levels i.e.
after a meal. Millet’s high fibre content slows digestion and
releases sugar into the bloodstream at a more even pace.
This helps avoid the abnormal spikes in blood sugar of diabetes patients.
Thus, a healthy diet that provides the highest quality of nutrients
and is low in fat and moderate in calories benefits diabetics and
help manage blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol.”
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We all should think about introducing Millet
in our diet to prevent diabetes and keep healthy.

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