A story about a Racoon and how we deal with nature.

Should we not be more aware and pay more attention to our thinking and actions?

The Story about the  Racoon

Last Saturday I took my grandchildren to the big city. I was there to attend an event that did not take place because I missed the message about the time update.

Anyways we reached the Hotel and found a parking spot. One of my kids noticed some noise in a big garbage container that was nearby. The container had a little opening where I was able to take a look inside. I was surprised to see that the noise was actually made by a Racoon which was trapped inside that container. There was nothing to eat for it therefore it was chewing on wood and causing that strange noise.

Are You Aware? How Far Are We Away From Nature?

As soon as it saw me, it came in my direction and opened its arms as if it wanted to give me a hug. I must admit that even though it looked very cute and I have been thinking to pull it out, but the opening was not big enough and I also had a concern if I may get bitten by it because it was really scared.

I went to the hotel personals and informed them about the raccoon. They came to see it and had a scared look near the container. Then I got an unexpected answer from them… “We call the pest control”. I was shocked and told them this is not a pest, this is an animal, and it can easily escape if we open the lid a little more. They had this look at their face as if I were nuts… Was I?

So that brought this question to my mind…
WHAT WE AS HUMANS HAVE DONE? On our way back we saw at least 10 raccoons dead beside the street. One of those was like ground meat sticking on the street, the head a few yards to the side and the tail on the other.

Where is our awareness?

We not only took the raccoon’s space away but from other animals out there as well. And we justify what we do, by calling them a pest? Am I the only one who sees this too crass or you feel the same?

I live in nature and with nature… and I see every day how perfect and miraculous it is.
The TRUTH is that nature does not need us, it’s US who NEED the NATURE…

Should we not be more aware and pay more attention to our thinking and actions? Shouldn’t we care more?
How you may be thinking now?

We can do so by starting to educate ourselves and learning to get aware.
I know a lot of people who are getting awareness and starting to care.

WE HAVE TO LEARN that everything is interconnected, one thing does not function without the other.

Always remember, Together we can make it better.
We have to BE the change we would like to see…

I will now end this topic with my favorite quote by Eric Hoffer:
“In a world of change, the learners shall inherit the earth,
while the learned shall find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists”

We have to gain awareness and learn to think in a new way, to be able to make changes in our life and the world.

This is a post from 2013 when I started blogging.

Did something change in between?

I think it got even worse. Most People are totally disconnected from nature and still ignorant. Even we have movements against GMOs and now a Vegan movement.

Some People who only a few months ago ate sausage for breakfast, now, fight against others who are not vegan. Protesting against factory farms and farmers that have animals.

Why do we have factory farms? Why do we have caged chicken? It may be good to think about it?

I saw some people protesting against caged chicken and afterward going to buy and eat fast-food chicken wings. Is this not a paradox?

A farm needs animals to produce nutritious vegetables and fruits. A chicken lays eggs anyways and without a rooster. Not long ago the same people needed a lot of milk and cheese because the TV doctor said it is necessary to stay healthy. They ridiculed vegetarians and now need vegan meat, an oxymoron? vegan sausage, bacon, chicken, fish, not realizing that they got trapped in another agenda.

Even if this meat is, as they think of plants, mostly it is from soy which all are GMO or made artificial in a lab. Why do vegans need meat?

It is truly sad that most people are far away from nature and do not know how nature works. Even we live in a time where the possibilities to educate ourselves are easily available.

This young lady talks the truth. I am glad that there are still young people like her.

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Here is something to start with education.

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