Why GMO and not Organic?

My Organic farm got more and more surrounded by GMO fields.

The world is fighting against GMOs, but here where I live the GMO fields are getting more and more.

Not long ago near our farm here, trees and bushes got cut down to make space for big machinery, which is used for these fields.

Nobody was concerned with this here, while in other parts of Canada, like Alberta, Shelterbelts are being replaced because of erosion of the soil.

Talking to conventional farmers, they say we need to do this if we want to make money, they say Organic farms have only weeds.

Do they?

Organic Farmers

Organic Farmers work from the heart and get dirty hands not only to make money but they also love what they do. They care for the soil and the environment.

What did the farmers do in the past? How much does poison cost?
Is it free?

GMO – Round -up or Organic

I can remember a time when in the fields Poppy-and Cornflowers grew. How beautiful this looks.

GMO - Organic?

      Cornflower and Poppy Field

And it looks like this in other countries still or again.

What do you think about it?

Here an article from my friend Marilyn Foster, this is how it ends.

Losing Ground

This post is updated and is from May 2014.

Now it is 6 years later and still, these RoundUp tanks are at the same place. Nothing change, it got even worse.

Recently some farmers are on Facebook talking about the food in Canada and change. They said you have to give us time. I said how much time does it still need? It is now more than 20 years that Percy Schmeiser a Canadian farmer fights against Monsanto. Vandana Shiva also is to seen in many documentaries and even on TV. How can one miss this? How much time does it need? Another 20 years polluting the soil and the water and our food?

Unfortunately, the farmers seem not even to know what they do. In another conversation, it is obvious that they have no clue and think GMOs are forbidden in Canada.  How sad is this?

And even worse most people do not know or care but wonder why our world is in the state it is.


How can we expect that the government is doing something about if people themselves have no mercy with their future Generation?

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