We all can be healers

Sometimes we all can be healers, and it needs only a few words and loving attention.
I have been thinking that I wanted to write something and have a lot of stories in mind, but somehow, they do not fit in today
While doing the unpleasant work, I am looking for a sign of a friend usually, he is here, but not today, I am getting concerned.

Having a call from somebody I have not heard from for a long time makes me feel better.
Thinking about how little things can change feelings.

I remember a dad with his little son practicing riding a bike, the kid falls and cries,
the dad takes it and hugs it and a minute later the kid starts to jump and start over
with the bike. Or a mother with a kid, it falls hurts his knee, the mother holds
the knee, and after the kid continues playing. Caring attention heals.

Loving attention?

My German grandkid is allergic to strawberries and eggs over there she gets rushes.
When she comes here I make her Frog water, which is only green tea with a bit of honey, and tell her this is good against rushes. She is picking and eating the whole time
Strawberry’s and eggs, while she is here, no rushes, but gets miserable on the way
to the airport after 6 weeks
My other grandkids here come often with cough or fever, but with only an onion juice or
a bit of rest, they are good again..  Need of loving attention?

A young woman, she comes every year here for vacation. This year she came with her mother,
while breakfast, the mother said, you are eating a lot here, is this bread gluten-free you
have an allergy? She says I never had reactions here and I start to engage the mother
asking what is your plan for today, have you been at the beach yesterday, to not make her
talk about allergies? The next day the same, no allergy.

When we have a come together and one feels not good that day when we talk about good
things and support each other, we leave after, everybody feels better and motivated.

Does a good word, a smile a hug heal? Do we only have to be aware of this? How would the
world look like if everybody would try to hold the intention to make the other feel better?

I think we would have less depression, pain, and sickness. It is proven that negative emotions
make you sick, let’s hold the good intention.

Sometimes, we only need to be grateful to feel better.

Now it’s your turn like Sherman always writes 🙂
Do you have an experience with this, do you remember a situation that made you feel much better because of only a hug, a smile, or a hello?


There are books about how emotions can make you sick in Europe I read Thorwald Detlefson and Ruediger Dahlke’s “The Healing Power of Illness: Understanding What Your Symptoms Are Telling You”


Here I found a book by Louise Hay, ” Heal your Body A-Z “ and ” Life Energy ” by John Diamond here, writing about this, and for people in a medical job, there is the book by Richard Flook, “Why am I sick”  explaining very profound about sickness caused by stress and negative emotions.