Why Can Sitting Too Long Make You Miserable?

Sitting too long kills, we hear often, but why?
Everybody knows that sitting too long time makes us sick. But not many stand up and do something about it. Are you one of these?
Prolonged sitting can make you sick and even depressed. Especially in our crisis time right now, there is a lot of anxiety and […]

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What Is Hatha Yoga? And Why Is It Getting More Popular?

Information and tips on Hatha Yoga
When we think of yoga, we usually mean Hatha Yoga.
Hatha yoga is enjoying great popularity in the West and is often regarded as a synonym for yoga. However, this is not so, because Hatha Yoga is a form of yoga.

The word Hatha is composed of two parts: Ha means the […]

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How Breathing Can Stimulate Your Metabolism

“He who breathes half lives only half.”

When metabolism is mentioned, most people think of digestive or kidney function. The most important metabolic process is your breathing which it mostly not realized. How you breathe has diverse effects on your body, and you can control respiration but not digestion. Let’s look at how to stimulate your […]

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The Benefit of Breathing and Meditation For Your Serenity

Breathing and Meditation for more tranquility
An integral part of meditation is breathing. The right breathing is required in lots of practices of meditation.
It is an important tool for people who meditate. Proper breathing during meditation helps a person relax.
Right breathing is inhaling through the nose, letting the diaphragm expands, and exhaling through the mouth. We […]

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