The Dandelion Story – Creative Visualization And Imagination Skills?

How my Grandkids learned creative visualization and trained their imagination.
We created the Dandelion Story.
When my grandkids were little, we always went for a walk in summer in the meadow and around the pond. They liked the flowers and butterflies and noticed the bees and the frog.

Creative visualization and imagination are essential skills.
In winter, I often […]

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How To Use Your Creative Mental Faculties – Magic in your Mind

How to use your creative mental faculties and take control over your life
You have Magic in your Mind

What are creative mental faculties? Many people do not know about the gift we have to use for our life.
Your creative mental faculties are mental tools you can use to improve your life and even help to change […]

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Are You Aware Of Your Intuitive Mind And Creativity?

Do You Realize You Have A Superpower,  A Intuitive Mind, And Creativity?
Our intuitive mind and creativity. Here is more about our inner voice and Intuition – the forgotten sacred gift. I had the feeling it was worth thinking more about.

How much of our life do we create through intuition?

It would be good to pay more […]

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