Du you Know the 10 Hidden Benefits of Meditation?

 What are the 10 Hidden Benefits of Meditation?
So many people choose to meditate because of the inner peace and contentment it can induce. There is a variety of other purposes as well. It needs regular practice for maximum benefit. However, if meditation is new for you, here are ten hidden benefits you may have yet […]

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3 Reasons To Meditate In This Crisis Time

3 Reasons to start to Meditate
Now there are good reasons to meditate. I hear that many people are currently sitting at home stressed out. They are troubled by fears of the future and their existence, worries about their families. Meditation is especially beneficial in crisis times and can bring serenity. Now is a good opportunity […]

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The Benefit of Breathing and Meditation For Your Serenity

Breathing and Meditation for more tranquility
An integral part of meditation is breathing. The right breathing is required in lots of practices of meditation.
It is an important tool for people who meditate. Proper breathing during meditation helps a person relax.
Right breathing is inhaling through the nose, letting the diaphragm expands, and exhaling through the mouth. We […]

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