Treasure your Uniqueness

by Author Dorothy Williams

Think about yourself.  Think what a remarkable, unduplicatable and miraculous thing it is to be you.  Of all the people who have come and gone on earth… Eve, Moses, Cleopatra, Socrates, Joan of Arc, Richard the Third, Franklin Roosevelt, Raquel Welch, Pearl Bach, Robert Redford… Not one of them is like you.

No one who has ever lived or has come has your combination of abilities, talents, appearance, friends, acquaintances, burdens, sorrows, or opportunities.  No one’s hair grows exactly like your hair grows.  No one’s fingerprints are exactly like yours.  No one has the same combination of secret inside jokes and family expressions that you know.

The few people that laugh at all the same things as you do don’t sneeze the way you do.  No one prays about exactly the same concerns as you do.  No one is loved by the same combination of people that you love.  No one!  No one before, no one to come… You are absolutely unique.

So enjoy that uniqueness.  You do not have to pretend in order to seem more like someone else.  You weren’t meant to be like someone else.  You don’t have to lie to conceal parts of you that are not like what you see in someone else.  You were meant to be different.  No one ever in all of history will ever have the same things going on in anyone’s mind, soul or spirit as are going on in yours, right now.

If you did not exist, there would be a great big hole in creation.  A gap in history.  Something missing from God’s unique plan for humankind.  Treasure your uniqueness.  It’s God’s gift only to you.   Enjoy it.  Share that uniqueness. No one can reach out to others in the same way that you can.  No one can speak your words.  No one can convey your meanings.  No one can comfort with your kind of comfort.  No one can bring your kind of understanding to another person.  No one can choose to be lighthearted and cheerful in the way that you can.  No one can bring the whole unique impact of you to the family of humanity, and no one will unless you do.

The gift of yourself was given to enjoy but not to hoard.  So give yourself away.  See the uniqueness around you and each person you meet.  See it, receive it, let it delight you, surprise you, open you.  Let it inform you, or nudge you, or inspire you, or comfort you.  The collection of unique irreplaceable beings around you has never been available before, and will never again be in exactly the quite same way.

Think about 🙂