Our Successful Dreamer Poet is Back – Read About Him Here

An Interview and news from our Dreamer and Poet
It was in 2015 that I introduced my readers to the Dreamer Poet Satyananda Sarangi. I am happy to tell you that in between, he made progress in his profession and poetry. 

If you are new to my blog, you can read here about him:  Today’s Dreamers Are Tomorrow’s […]

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Today’s Dreamers Are Tomorrow’s Authors And Poets

Today’s Dreamers are tomorrow’s Authors
Meet the Dreamer

I want to introduce a young man to you.
He has a dream and he is very ambitious.
I like this and thought to do something to support his dream because this is my passion His name is Satyananda. Satya means truth Anand in Sanskrit means happiness and he really is […]

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