Today’s Dreamers are tomorrow’s Authors

Meet the Dreamer

I want to introduce a young man to you.
He has a dream and he is very ambitious.
I like this and thought to do something to support his dream because this is my passion His name is Satyananda. Satya means truth Anand in Sanskrit means happiness and he really is one who has joy in truth he told me.

His passion is writing with emotion. He will tell a bit about himself below and he wrote a little poem in only a minute, he is amazing in this. He also did write short stories and some poems two of them are posted you can see them here >Life is a Labyrinth  and Blossoming thy way

Here is his quote: “your dreams should be bounded to infinity, your mind to reality.”

A Faraway Dream

I am Satyananda Sarangi
Writing is the perpetual exchange of positive ideas. When one dreams to write, it’s not so easy as it seems.
Hailing from India, Satyananda Sarangi, a graduate in Electrical Engineering writes poems and short stories.

All of 22, his content always has that unique flow of emotions within them. He dreams his work would someday find a place in school books. The fact of getting his work evaluated in the buddying minds of school children would be a faraway dream.

Poem about dream

Words when speak one’s clear heart,
thy foes melt into mates,
poetry’s a blessing more than art,
as some horizon where sun rises and sets.
For a eon has gone by,
a first piece when I wrote,
it’s truth and no lie,
still finding now, what i then sought.
Every day comes a new turn,
every night has a rising star,
a coat of healing on my burn,
healing a feverish mind by far.
A dream keeps enchanting a distance away,
singing the song of a promise,
and the trees, to the gales they sway,
for more dreams to unleash.        -Satyananda Sarangi

May his Dream come true

For me, it is difficult to understand poems in English.
My English is not good enough for this and Satyananda did translate his Blossom poem for me in usual language 🙂
I have to say I admire how beautifully he or Indian bloggers I saw, are able to express themselves, even English is not their first language. I have always a difficulty with this and have to search for the right words 🙂

What do you think?
Satyananda would be happy even for critic because it is a way to learn and get better. He asked me, if he is
good enough for my blog and I said whoever is ambitious like you and has a dream is good for the world.

Would you please let us know what your opinion is?
Please leave a comment
Thank you

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