Why You Better Ditch These New Years Resolutions

Ditch the New Year’s Resolutions?

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, why not begin the year by looking at our accomplishments and counting our blessings? Gratitude is much more uplifting than feeling the pressure of a “to-do list.”

The new year is around the corner and a time full of enthusiasm. Everybody thinks about doing everything better […]

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Why Is The Law Of Attraction Incomplete ? What is being left out?

Is the Law of Attraction Incomplete?
The law of attraction is incomplete without the other universal laws.

Many people have studied the law of attraction, which is broken down into various individual parts. There are some big truths to mentally focusing on what you want.

Some say the law of attraction is incomplete. What is being left out?

Instead […]

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We Live In A Perfect Universe – The Broken Pot Story

Is There Hope In Chaos? Can there be chaos in a perfect universe?
It seems that we live in chaos rather than in a perfect universe in our time. Everything in the world seems to be falling apart right now. Climate change, hate speech on the Internet, consumption, capitalism, legal pressure. In our society, chaos has […]

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How To Live A Successful Life With Awareness- Part 1

How to live a life with awareness
To live life with awareness, we need to know a bit about

In our world filled with distractions and constant busyness, living a life with awareness has become a rarity.
In What Kind Of Universe Do We Live?
 We live in the universe, which is based on universal laws and order.

If we use […]

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The Law of Thinking – We Are What We Think About

The Law of Thinking is one of the most important Universal Laws.                      
Are we what we think?

Often we are not aware of this, but we have the power to change our thoughts.

This means we can learn to get aware of our thoughts. Whenever we feel […]

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