The Law of Thinking is one of the most important Universal Laws.                      

Are we what we think?

Often we are not aware of this, we have to learn to change our thoughts.

This means we have to learn to get aware, whenever we feel not good, to look at what are we thinking about, is this really how it is, is there no other way?

Is all that I experience right now negative?

If we are aware and look at a negative situation differently, we will see, that in reality, it is our perception which makes it so, there is always another way.

We have to get another perspective and find a way out of what we think is negative and think of a solution .

A while ago I have been talking to a young friend. I knew she has an event coming up which made her struggle a long time, it was like a burden to her. She is about to organize an event and she does not have much help from others, means no positive support. She was down and thinking only about negative things and what could go wrong.

When we were talking, I said, but the world is not ending for you with this event. There is a life after this and you can make all good again what this event may take from you.

Think about what can be the worst happen and accept it. It does not have to be the worst, but if we think about it and accept all look much better. I gave her one of my favorite quote from Dale Carnegie :

First ask yourself: What is the worst that can happen? Then prepare to accept it. Then proceed to improve on the worst

This helped and made her feel more optimistic again.

If we stay too long in negative thought and feelings and complain, we make our lives unpleasant and all kind of difficulties will show up.

We are able to change our thoughts and think in a more positive way and it will bring solutions and all kind of better options will show up. We can change negative thoughts and feelings, by listening to music or to be grateful and look out for nice things.

Try it and see. It works…

Did you experience any situations like this?

Are you able to change your thinking?

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Can You Change Your Thinking?