Can we live the life we dream about?

Do you live the life you dreamed about?

What about life according to your dreams and imagination?

Are you already living it, or is it still in your head?

Do you live in a beautiful home? Do you have a great partner, perhaps children?

What do you do in your free time? What do you do for a living?

Can you answer all these questions? If not, then maybe it’s time to think about it. You have found this site, maybe it is a sign that you are looking for it. Maybe you are looking for new ways, new possibilities, or even searching for the truth. Is it possible to live the life we dream about?

Is It Possible To Live a Life we Dream About ?

Is It Possible To Live a Life we Dream About?

It is possible

Although most people around the world probably doubt it: It is possible to live a life exactly according to your ideas. You just have to know how it works. There are really very good books available on how to design your life, personal development, quantum physics, etc ..

Many of these books are bought and really read. The acquired knowledge is then briefly applied and some experience small successes, but when it comes to more and needs change, these books are often put away again. Many have the opinion that it does not work.

Impossible is just an opinion.- Paulo Coelho

Best Speech Of All Time By Sadhguru

Are you dreaming or do you live already?

It works, and that’s a fact. If you know that thoughts shape our reality and can manifest, then it is obvious we create our life through our thoughts. The Law of Attraction brings us exactly what we send out. And since we do send most of it subconsciously or the subconscious is stronger, the results are often undesirable or not understandable.

How is it possible to achieve the desired results?

All we need is an understanding of the laws of life, the universe, and the creative process to get the results we want. As important as the understanding, is the application of that knowledge. Only through the application of knowledge, do we become stronger and always get better results. We do not even learn something new, because we already have everything we need in us. We just need to get aware of our unused capabilities.

With each thought, we shape our lives.

We have the choice, whether we realize it or do things unconsciously. Universal laws are working, regardless of whether we believe in them or not. We do not have to believe anything and we have nothing new to learn. But then what is necessary?

We need to gain an understanding of the laws acting around us. We must also understand that there are no coincidences in life. That only cause and effect exist. What appears as a coincidence, is a manifestation of its cause, but people are not aware of this. The most important step is to observe our thoughts and control them.

Notice what you are noticing!

Mary Morrissey says:” Notice what you are noticing”. This means being your own witness for your thoughts and what you experience. Notice, and change negative thoughts and feelings.

To achieve good results, one needs clarity, discipline, and especially exercise. We need to keep doing it and also allow errors. We learn from our mistakes as well. It is possible to live the life we dream about, it needs to practice and take action. When we learn a new language, we do not expect that we are perfect in a few weeks.

What about you? Do you live the life you want?

Do you observe your thoughts?

Some people do not believe in this, do you?

Please leave a comment and share your thoughts 🙂

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