What does it mean to surrender to blogging fun?

“Surrender to blogging for fun”, Ryan Biddulph wrote when I asked him if there is nothing else to say about blogging than only tech stuff? Is this not getting boring? We have millions of articles about SEO, Email lists, how to start blogging, and…..

I saw his picture of the Cafe Surrender and thought, “innovative.”We talked about I had the Idea and he got what I mean. Read his post about it; he is so much better at writing about it than I am.

Does blogging not have to be also fun?

Blogging and Surrender

Erika said it.

I agree.

Email lists.



Lead in hooks.

Calls to action.

What has blogging become?

I get it. Bloggers tend to follow specific practical tips. I advise following some practical tips because we do move into certain actions to succeed.

But 99% – I am not kidding – of bloggers have no idea that blogging is an energy game, not a robot game, not an action game, and certainly not a practical tips game.

To make matters worse, top bloggers, failing bloggers and everybody in between seems to say you NEED to do SEO, build a list, offer a free lead magnet, etc, etc, etc, etc.

No. You do not NEED to do anything because no specific action yields blogging success. Your energy yields success.



Surrendering completely to blogging for fun, taking the easy but uncomfortable route and trusting 100% in yourself and in the Universe’s care and love for you is the path to stunning blogging success. Complete, full, devoted surrender to energy, fun service, generosity, and detachment from outcomes has nothing to do with SEO, pain points, or email lists.

I have not built an email list actively for over a year. I do email my list now only because it feels fun and easy. But for no other reason. I pay virtually no attention to SEO. I do not focus heavily on pain points.

But…..I do write for Positively Positive. Here. Check out the contributor list for Positively Positively. How in the heck can a guy with a tiny list, who does no SEO and who ignores most allegedly MUST DO blogging tips, contribute alongside Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, and Jack Canfield for a million-member community?

Blogging success is surrender. Surrender to what feels fun and easy but sometimes uncomfortable to you, and surrender to full trust in self and trust in the Universe.

Follow a Few Practical Tips and Surrender the Rest

Follow a few practical blogging tips. Create. Connect. Does list building feel fun and pretty easy? Yes? Build a list. If list building does not feel fun….do NOT build a list. Surrender list building. Surrender SEO, too, if it feels heavy, robotic, and clunky. Also, surrender everything that does not feel fun for practical blogging tips that do feel fun.

Do those fun things again and again until the fun, practical blogging tips become easy for you to execute. Keep executing daily, even as you nudge into uncomfortable fears like the fear of wasting your time, the fear of criticism, the fear of failure, and the fear of poverty. Trust in yourself. Trust in the Universe.

Doing SEO does not make you successful. Your passionate fun executing SEO so much that it gets really easy to you, and doing this easy thing, even if stuff gets uncomfortable, leads to stunning success.

But you need to surrender all those practical blogging tips first, to do what feels most fun to you in order to get the blogging success practice flowing and going.

Surrender to Avoid Overwhelm

One blogger I chatted with recently seemed overwhelmed. She said how she needed to grow an email list to succeed. I stopped her immediately, telling her to have fun, enjoy the ride, and be generous to succeed. Whether you build a list or podcast or do live videos or write articles flows to you intuitively when you decide to do what feels fun to you.

Surrender to avoid being overwhelmed by the avalanche of practical blogging tips bloggers say you need to execute in order to succeed. Nope. I have fun writing posts, writing guest posts, and commenting genuinely on blogs, and I am doing A-OK.


Thank you, Ryan, for being generous 🙂

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