Do you Dare to Dream?Dream

Many people forgot how to dream because it was forbidden.

Or did you even think of dreaming?

Children are excellent at dreaming and imagination.

But when we fantasized as a child, often we have been told :

Do your work! Don’t dream! Get ready!

Don’t tell stories! This is not possible, what do you think? Are you nuts?


This is how our dream-building ability was killed.

In school and at home, some did not want us to dream.

They wanted us to do what everybody does, go to school, have a job, work, get married, have kids, save for

a vacation or a car, buy a house, and work for retirement. The stress begins, and no time to dream anymore.


Live in reality, they say. Even friends can be like this, so it is better to stay away from them.

We should encourage our children to dream and imagine, and we should keep our childlike thinking into possibilities.

Because everything is possible, we only have to get aware and take action.

It is great if you have friends and can talk about your dreams to them.

I like it very much to talk about, and it is amazing to hear what kids imagine.

Life is much more fun if we have time for dreaming and imagination about what we would like to do and how our ideal life looks like; we need to make better choices.

Is sitting and watching TV not dull and a waste of time if you can imagine a beautiful life instead?

Don’t suppress your vision; listen to your inner self and create the life you would like to live.

Our inner child is always happy with dreaming; this is what it likes most.

Dreaming makes us excited and ambitious and keeps us going.

Now is the best time to start with.

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P.S. It’s never too late to follow your dreams. Once you have a crystal-clear vision of what you want to create, it’s easy to focus your thoughts, energy, and actions on turning your dreams into an extraordinary life.

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