“Flow like a river towards the dream “is the title today.

Flow Like A River Towards Your Dream

A River has to do with water and water is a great teacher in life.
Not everybody is aware of this, but if we think about and pay attention
observe and be aware of it, we can learn a lot. Water is life without water no life.

Water can be hard as ice, powerful, smooth flowing around obstacles,
jumping over rocks or stagnant, but even if stagnant it only seems like this it will steam warmed from the sun and build clouds.
One steady falling drop of water can make a hole in a rock.
Pay attention and learn from the water.

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But enough about water, it was talking about water that my young friend Debarpan created this title.
When we talked first he was a very bitter young man, no wonder, he had a tough time in his young
life and lost his parents one after the other and was left alone. Talking with him I felt his negative
perception and bitterness, it took a while, and I remembered the help of the inner child and all
changed for the better when he connected. He is going confidently in direction of his dream, and I wish
that it happens as Henry David Thoreau teaches :

“I learned this, at least, by my experiment:
That if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams,
and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined,
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

Read his story below.

Here comes Debarpan Mukherjee

“Deb, you should study hard to get good marks in the exam”.Flow Like A River Towards Your Dream

“And Deb you should work hard to get this good job”.

“Deb, are you crazy to leave this awesome job?’

I often got such comments from my friends and family. Sometimes I even started thinking, am I really crazy or something to follow my dream of sacrificing so many things or not listening to my well-wishers?

Actually NO!!!!! When you start thinking out of the box and doing something different instead of following others blindly the world starts calling you crazy. Every dreamer needs to be crazy, every entrepreneur needs to be crazy.

A Dreamer

So hi everyone, I am Debarpan, a dreamer, an online entrepreneur, and, yup a crazy guy 🙂

I belong to Kolkata, India, from a lower-middle standard family. I am an occasional poet, a nature lover, a fitness freak, and a wrestling fan  (actually a big WWE fan :P)

From childhood, my parents wanted me to be a good student, get a good job, and spend the life of a common Indian man.

As per their wish, I started my graduation in engineering; when I was at the end of my first-year of study I bought a laptop from my savings and entered into the amazing world of the internet.

Then slowly into programming, blogging, and digital marketing and became an online earner as a part-time job while studying. My first and most popular blog is TechTrickHome. So the dream of entrepreneurship seed kept growing up inside me while pursuing my engineering due to which my education got quite harmed, and got scolded badly several times, even by my parents.

So finally, I did my graduation in electronics engineering completed and got a regular job in a mobile manufacturing company. Where I find many unhappy youth dreamers there just quitting their dream to just do regular routine work only for survival.

Flow Like A River Towards Your Dream Flow like a river,
Duty of a dreamer.
Keep flowing; don’t stop,
Just never give up.
Be steady persistent,
Always give 100 percent.
Keep the fate solve the clue,
Dreams will come true.
-Debarpan Mukherjee

I decided not to let my dream go, and I quit my job to continue my dream of becoming an online entrepreneur. In the meantime, I lost my parents and fall into a very bad financial condition. Still, I didn’t give up on my dream and depending on my online earnings, I survived.

So as per my experience, every dreamer should try to follow these rules:

1. Love yourself the most.
2. If something bad happens, take it as an experience, and don’t regret it. Always remembers everything happens for a reason.
3. Ready to bend yourself as per the situation.
4. Always be confident enough to take your decision
5. Exercise regularly as a healthy body leads healthy mentality.
6. Be practical and less emotional
7. Spend time with yourself and your dream.

So here I am now, a full-time online entrepreneur who loves both professional and personal life and looking forward to continuing my dream in my near future as well. Currently, I started a blog to make my name as a brand in the digital marketing world.
If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs-Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

That is a perfect saying indeed. So if you’re a dreamer, don’t give up until you achieve your dream, or someone else will surely hire you to help build theirs. 🙂

All the best, keep the inner child active, and be like a river.

Visit his Blog  TechTrickHome

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