Intuition our inner voice is something we may have to learn to listen to it again.
Edison, for example, he got quiet and used to ask questions, he knew how to access the inner wisdom,
he used to take catnaps and got answers or solutions to the things he wanted to create.

Here is a Story, I followed the Intuition. It may not matter to anybody in the world,
but it matters to me and certainly Habibou.

Update on Habibou, he is not a scam.

A few months ago I wrote about Habibou, he asked for help. I asked People for opinion what to do,
everybody told me he is a scam, do not believe him.
Here the article>
I thought maybe everybody is right and I am wrong.
But it kept me thinking and because I am listening to my heart I could not forget and let it go.

When I was working outside where I usually get my answers when I ask questions.
I was thinking what if it is really true what he tells, would it not be right to help?
I asked for a sign or an answer, what to do.

This is what everybody can do who knows how to listen to the inner voice and follow Intuition.
Gandhi said the voice for truth speaks to every person on the planet every single
day. The Truth is what the voice within tells you.

Do you listen to your inner voice?

In the afternoon, when I came into the house, there was a book on the table I just was reading. I opened it to take a look inside and
there was my sign. It said:” It is better to risk saving a guilty man than condemn an innocent one” – Voltaire

This was right what I have been thinking about the whole time, “what if” in case he is really not honest, would it be possible to change this by talking to him and get him to a right way?
I had tested him, he is a Moslem and I know enough Arabic and the prayer to ask him questions,
And I know he would not lie about. He answered them and did write even down the parts I asked him about.
His father had died and he had in his mind, that he needs to study, if not he would never get out of his situation.

Also, his principal wrote me emails, that he is a good student. The money for the school was sent, so he could finish it.

Asking for help

I asked some people for help, nobody wanted to do something. Two friends spent 20$ each one time.
Searching, I found a group of people in Switzerland they had a site for help for Gambia and sent Habibou to the address, no help, I sent an email, no answer.

It is so much easier to give 20$ to an organization, you do not need to think about, but have the feeling you did charity.

Charities are not always what they seem to be.

I always was helping but only personally, not organizations.
There were a few links on this subject, I did research,  but I decided not to put them here.
It is easy to find out about organizations for charity.

I started to talk with Habibou: change your thinking, visualize and believe, look for signs and find other ways, always be grateful and thankful. Make him understand it has nothing to do with school education if he wants to get out of this situation, but with his thinking and mindset. And what was needed for him really came in unexpected ways.

And what was needed for him really came in unexpected ways, which made me believe to do the right thing.

It was adventurous, first, they got thrown out of the house where they lived and had to camp in parking lots and empty houses. He went into the bush to cut wood in the Rain period, which is forbidden there, to make a bit of money selling it.
He got Malaria, the doctors did not help without money. They had nothing to eat and starving. He started to plant greens.

He should go for the exam, the principle wrote the class needs to participate in an excursion they need for the exam.
I wrote back this is ridiculous, how can they want this ( it costs money) when the bellies are hungry.
He said there is nothing he can do if he wants to finish the exam he needs to go.
Right before the excursion, he fell from the Mango tree and near broke his arm sitting with pain in the hospital, nobody helps.
It is a truth, without money and being male over there you can die, only women and little kids may get help if they are lucky.
I did read the reports of the WHO.

A good exam

Habibou Exam

Habibou Exam click to enlarge

But finally, he made it and did a good exam. We talked him out of thinking he needs to study to get out of his situation and understand that we need rather people working a job they like to do and think the right way, than unemployed scientists.

He said he would like to be a mechanic and with his good exam he found a place where they accepted him.

Now, he wanted to work and earn money to pay all back. I said I do not want it back and he asked should I do for others what you did for me?

Yes, this is the way, feed your family and if you have more help others.
Now, he wants to go to be a good mechanic, feed his family and continues learning to think differently.
Hopefully, he will be able to help others.

Did you do things based on your intuition?

What was the outcome?

There are many great people they did listen to the inner voice to solve problems like Edison Gandhi, Einstein.
Albert Einstein, he said: “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.” He was following  Intuition

Are you listening to your inner voice?
Please leave a comment and share your experience.

And not to forget,  Habibou even started a blog > Life In Gambia.  See what he had to say.