Meditation and yoga can help us to become Solutionary.

In these crisis times, Meditation and mindful exercises can strengthen us. COVID-19 makes us all humble and forces us to understand and, if necessary, to repent. To surrender to what we need and to let go of all fears that held us. Because crises like this make us responsible for ourselves and others. They urge us to open our eyes if they have been kept closed for a long time out of comfort.

Now it is time to rethink and find new solutions with creativity and skill or look for such in discussions. In times of crisis, the one tool that everyone has to use is our mind. It can do so many incredible and unbelievable things that you cannot even imagine in your everyday life. We have to feed it well in crisis times with positive, helpful, and supportive measures instead of bad ones.

We need positive relationships and a feeling of connectedness, good nutrition, physical activity, light, and fresh air, adequate sleep.
It doesn’t matter what we do to do ourselves well. But it has to help bring about positive feelings instead of negative ones. Also to benefit our body-mind instead of increasing physical-emotional-psychological stress.

The decision against fear is now more critical than ever because fear paralyzes and deprives you of the valuable energy you need to face crises. Keep your mind open and stay active in mastering this crisis for your life.

As little external stress as possible and balancing it out with relaxation techniques. Meditation and yoga are essential and proven to help your system stay in balance. Unfortunately, we forget precisely these things to do first.


Meditation is the key to balance.

We often hear that Meditation and yoga are the keys to relaxation, freedom from fear, mental and physical balance, remedying sleep disorders, and making us healthier in the long term. If you wondered why there is a study from 2017 by Coventry and Radboud University that has proven the reason: So-called body-mind interventions (MBI) such as Meditation, yoga, and tai chi can reduce the molecular reactions in our DNA, the stress triggers, change and reverse fears and depression.

Our DNA and stress

DNA changes positively during mindfulness exercises. The study looked at a total of 18 different other studies over the past eleven years that examined the behavior of our genes during various mindfulness exercises such as Meditation and yoga. The scientists identified molecular changes due to body-mind interventions and concluded from them the enormous benefits for our mental and physical health.

They studied the behavior of genes. To see how genes are activated to produce proteins that, in turn, influence the biological constitution of our body, brain, and immune system.  Events of stress reactions trigger the sympathetic nervous system. It is responsible for the fight-or-flight mode in times of stress, anxiety, and panic.

A molecule called NF-kB is released, which in turn determines how our genes express themselves. This molecule translates stress into the activation of genes. Quite useful for short-stress reactions, but if this process becomes permanent, the risk of inflammation and secondary diseases such as cancer, premature aging, and mental disorders increases.

How Meditation and Yoga are changing our DNA

Regular Meditation and mindful exercises relieve stress and anxiety. Still, with regular Meditation, Yoga, and Tai Chi, this process changes. The production of the molecule NF-kB, among other things, is reduced and thus reverses the expression of the genes.

An anti-inflammatory effect occurs, and with it, a reversal of the fight-or-flight reflex. This reversal, in turn, briefly strengthens the immune system and acts as a “cushion” for stress reactions. It is why it is so important to practice mindfulness exercises and yoga over the long term so that our daily stressful situations do not lead to an inflammation risk at the molecular level.

Now we understand the meaning of “Every cell in my body is happy.” Because Meditation and yoga change our genetic code, bring harmony, and make us balanced, healthier, and more stress-resistant in the long term, and step by step fear-free.

Become a Solutionary.

If we take responsibility for our well-being, we become a true solutionary. Taking responsibility and being fearless, and able to find solutions are something we will need to create our future world.

“You can see how the word responsibility is in essence the ability to respond. To become responsible is to step into this ability and chose to both create and respond to your life instead of to passively react to it as if it is happening to you. It is stepping into authority over yourself. And it is a highly empowered state. It is a state of accountability. ” – Teal Swan.

solutionary is someone who can identify inhumane and unsustainable systems and then develop solutions that are healthy and just for people, animals, and the environment.

Want to become a Solutionary?

Start to meditate!

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