Instead Of Being Busy, Become Productive

Updated: Nov.20.2021

Often I hear the question of how to become more productive. Many, not only bloggers, seem to have difficulties with this—no wonder in our time full of distraction.

Here are some tips that you can start to be more productive

Become More Productive not only busy

The first step in becoming really successful in being more productive is to remove the word busy from your vocabulary. The reason is simple:
Often we hear: I’m too busy to do this. No, I can’t do it now; I’m too busy right now.
Only people who work on things that they are not ambitious about or do not really love are saying this in my experience.
What do you really do if you are busy?

Check your email, Facebook, or Instagram newsfeed? Or answer phone calls, listening to other people’s problems?

No wonder that you can’t focus on what is really important for you and your business. After all, you are all day long busy.

Some are so busy that they do not even have time to eat with the family. Even if your favorite meal is one the table. You are just too busy with Twitter and other unimportant stuff.

Well, maybe you do not do anything but update the Facebook timeline 100 times and answer emails from people who need your help.

Realized that you can use your time better. Become more productive instead, and improve your business.

So ask yourself what costs you the most time on a busy day. It’s time to finally focus on becoming more productive to produce more of what drives you and your business forward.

Focus on 1 Task

In the end, becoming more productive means only one thing:
Get more done in less time! The only way to achieve this is FOCUS.

The main thing is to focus on one topic.

Make up your mind about your next major project. Do not multitask because that is what most of all online entrepreneurs do.

It is also a good feeling to do several things simultaneously because you feel super fast and efficient; the only question is: will you finish your projects at the end?

To be productive and profitable, focus on 1 main project, and not 3 different tasks simultaneously.
Find out your main project and put your full focus on it until you have finished it.

When you work, work. When you play, play. Don’t mix the two. – Jim Rohn Click To Tweet

Manage your activities and say no

A typical problem, not only for online marketers or bloggers, is to learn to say NO!

That is when you get your time back and finally become more productive for yourself and your online business. Make time to concentrate on projects that bring money instead of countless Facebook messages, answering emails, or network senselessly.

That’s all you have to learn, how can you better manage your activities (time)? Which tasks really make sense? Therefore, the focus only on what is essential for you and your business and what really brings you forward.

People believe focus means saying yes to things that you should focus on. That is not true!!! It means saying no to all the other ideas that are going on in your head. Therefore, decide to know what to focus on.

The best way to bring clarity to your mind is meditation and yoga practices. Out of 24 hours taking 24 minutes is possible and it helps far more than scrolling Facebook, to focus and get things done.

Don’t say: “I will do that tomorrow.” because maybe your family wants you to come to a family gathering, for example. Say no!
You know exactly what matters most, and you have to do it. If you want to start a project and say tomorrow, you will probably say exactly the same tomorrow again.
However, this is the completely wrong approach. You have to be ready to start immediately with productive activities.

For Example: Assuming you want to have an excellent blog, you have to do something about it. It’s not enough to say I’ll start tomorrow, so you probably never begin. Start right now, register your domain name, create a page with WordPress, and start writing until your first 10 blog posts are ready, so you have applied your first main focus correctly and got something done that really makes you feel more productive instead of busy. Have discipline! Cultivate your sense of urgency!

So you have to achieve something today, and not tomorrow. This is the only way you can be the person you would like to be tomorrow.
You don’t have to be perfect. Your goal has to be to get started and finally get your projects out there.

Don’t waste time on low-value work.

When you finally want to start being more productive instead of being busy, then it’s time to put your time and focus on the things that really matter, things that move your business forward and make a real difference.

Focus only on work that brings you and your business great value in the form of results! This will motivate you.

Don’t waste any more time on tasks that feel important but don’t really move you forward. Outsource some things, so you have more time to work on things that really move you forward.

Ask yourself what is more important, you use your time to create an online course that will bring you an excellent passive income, for example? Or to answer emails and scroll social media again.

Why Is Trying to Find Time to Do Anything the Biggest Illusion?

Don’t lie to yourself.

The biggest lie we tell ourselves every day is:
I have no time for that! The truth is, you have time! It’s just a matter of setting your priorities.

So stop lying to yourself, stop making statements like:
I have to do things in town, and tomorrow is a better time; I don’t feel so good today. You probably know these excuses.

So if you want to have massive success, then you have to finally be ready to let go of your own lies and start to implement what really brings you forward.

Check your results regularly.

Set goals for the day. The goal for the week, and even if you want for the year. So you have your constant focus on knowing exactly what you want to have done.
Ask yourself, did I reach my goals, did I get my presence in the social media, did I do my exercise and meditation to have body and mind in harmony?

Do not forget to celebrate each goal that you have achieved. It should be an occasion for you to reward yourself.

Write down what you couldn’t do, what the problem was, and how you can accomplish the task in the coming days.

Maybe it was too many things you wanted to do or did you just badly manage your activities? What was the reason for not achieving it, learn from these mistakes, and improve day by day.

By thinking about your goals every morning, many times during the day, and every night, you begin moving toward it and bringing it toward you. – Bob ProctorClick To Tweet

Envision your goals and make a plan

What is life without dreams? What is an entrepreneur without vision? Anyone who walks through life and hopes and waits for good things to happen, will not get any further. If you want to go further in life and business, a vision and precise determination of a goal are required.

It would help if you had an idea of ​​what and where you are going. Only with vision, a goal can you determine which things are important to you and which are not. All those who bring you closer to your dream are important. Determine what is essential for you.

Consciously chose something and turn it into a challenge for yourself. It may happen to you that you know what to do, but you don’t start with it. And then, unfortunately, nothing happens, and you wonder that you have not accomplished anything.

So sit down once and envision your goals. After that, you should always check whether you are working on your goals with what you are doing. Always adjust whether the path is the right one or whether you are doing the right thing for it. And above all, this way, you get a feeling for what is needed for your next step.

“Solitude and quiet connect you to your creative source and release the limitless intelligence of Life.”

Work on yourself every day

Unfortunately, most people are always very over-motivated when setting goals. Quick fortune, great success, and all that as soon as possible. Of course, you can set yourself the goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur, but you should be clear about what you want.

Take time to meditate and exercise; it will help to clear your mind and be inflow.

You don’t have to get there overnight. It would be a lot of stress, and you will probably lose motivation.
Work your way forward bit by bit every day. Start with small steps, know which things are essential and which are not, and you work precisely on the right tasks.

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What about you? Can you focus and be productive? 

What does help you to focus? Please share your experience with us.