Have you ever thought about what is the ultimate goal of life?

The ultimate goal of life? This is a guest post of my young friend Shubha Tiwari. She likes to write about women’s rights. Here she shares a beautiful post of her thoughts and experience about the ultimate goal of life, a question we all may have to ask ourselves. Read more about the author at the end of this post and leave your thoughts about this question.

Thank you, Shubha

the ultimate goal in life

Have you ever thought about what is the ultimate goal of life?

Sometimes when sitting alone and exhausted, often a question arises in my mind- Why Am I Alive? Am I born to fulfill all the worldly needs and desires which I have in my mind? Or the life which we have got has some bigger purpose than just fulfillment of our wants. Human life’s ultimate goal is a topic of deep discussion that will help to meet with our spiritual side.

This corona period has already made us realize that we are just a puppet in that mighty hands. I don’t know whether you believe in the existence of that power, which keeps the world moving or not. To let you know, I am the one who believes in the existence of The Almighty as I believe in the existence of this Universe. Humans have destroyed nature, killed animals, and have started losing their ethical and moral values. We fight for land and worldly things and forget nothing has to go with us. It is just our karmas, which will stay forever with us.

Are we losing our ethics, values, and emotions?

When we used to sit in the courtyard (an area surrounded by houses on all sides, popularly known as Aangan in Indian villages), I remember the days of my childhood. So precious was that moment when all family members united together to have some healthy and fun-time. The gossip was about the whole day’s story of each member.

I often wonder why those days have lost somewhere? We are becoming addicted to technology. Everyone in the family is busy with electronic gadgets- whether it is a laptop or a mobile or video game. We feel more comfortable to share our emotions on social media with unknown people rather than sharing with our family members.

I am not saying that our distant online friends are bad. I also have some good friends online. But my point is to focus on the weakening bond with the members of our family. We need to think about it. Humans need to be humans more than techno-geeks-we must realise the ultimate goal of our life.

Difference Between Happiness and Satisfaction.

Most of us are confused between happiness and satisfaction. A grand party where you enjoyed the whole night might give you happiness, but will it give you satisfaction? It happened to me most of the time.

I attained many parties with full enjoyment. But when I returned home, the emptiness of my heart was still there. We are so busy keeping ourselves happy that we often forget that there is a hidden dissatisfaction in ourselves. Satisfaction is permanent. It is more appealing than momentary happiness. And the unique thing is you can find your satisfaction in others.

Let us take an example- When you do something good in your life, your parents feel proud of you. That feeling of proudness is satisfaction. See the difference- because of the success you are happy, but your parents are satisfied. Be the reason for someone’s smile, happiness. Practice forgiveness and spread love; you will automatically get that satisfaction. And this satisfaction will stay with you forever. To achieve satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our lives.

What Is the Ultimate Goal of Life?

the ultimate goal of life

What is the ultimate goal of a human’s life? Is it to earn lots of money or fulfill physical needs or maintain status in society or live a satisfying life? This question is complicated if you answer with your brain. But if you go some deep inside yourself, you will easily find the answer.

To live a satisfying life is our main motive, whether it should be in the form of achievements, money, or status. But again, there is a contradiction which appears in my mind. I hope you will have a solution. We fix goals for our life, and those goals complete too. After that, we again fix new goals for us. Why are we never satisfied with one thing? The answer is simple. We are humans, and we need goals to keep our lives moving. But ultimately, when we die, we have lots of work that remain pending.

How to Achieve Satisfaction-The Ultimate Goal of Life?

We, the human-beings, are wanderers. Humans always wander in search of Satisfaction. We are not even aware that the Satisfaction which we are searching for is always with us. We need to find the ultimate goal of life to live a satisfying life and die without grievances. You must have heard of Mother Teressa, a lady whose whole life was devoted to helping the needy and poor. She was a reason for happiness for many. She got her ultimate goal of life i.e., Satisfaction by helping others.

Satisfaction gives us peace of mind that we can never buy from money. You must have heard of many super-rich people dying of heart attacks and blood pressure. The reason for this is pressure in mind, that is due to thinking about only self’s profits. When we start thinking for others, to make others happy, we start getting satisfied. And I don’t think anything to be more fit than Satisfaction for being the ultimate goal of life.

Practice these to achieve satisfaction (the ultimate goal of life)-

· Never hurt anyone knowingly.

· Always help the poor and needy, if you can.

· Be the reason for someone’s smile.

· Practice forgiveness.

· Spread love and positivity around.

· Always try to stop someone who is doing anything wrong (to support crime is a crime).

About the Author:

Hi, I am Shubha Tiwari, a blogger at JustWomenWorld and a Principal at Play School in Patna, Bihar. I love to explore new ideas and help women to define their personalities in a more powerful and beautiful way. I believe that every woman is unique and is full of all capabilities to handle herself gracefully. Email- justwomenworldforyou@gmail.com

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Did you ever ask yourself this question about what is the ultimate goal of life?